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Build Your Own Custom Socks!

Can't find exactly what you’re looking for? Let us build it for you! We have the ability to customize any sock to your specifications. Contact us to get started right away. Minimum 12 pairs, 12 per size.

Why Buy From Socksrock

With fast turnaround times and low minimums, it's easy to see why Socksrock is the most popular socks, stirrups, and team appeal store online. All of our products are performance-grade and created for professional use, right here in the USA. Our advanced manufacturing techniques allow us the flexibility to customize every part of a sock.

How to Order


At Socksrock, you can customize your socks with any color. Pick from over 35+ colors to build perfect custom socks for your sports team or organization.


Add a logo or your mascot and build the ultimate custom socks for your brand or sports team. We can knit in any logo or image on your socks and help you make a statement.


Choose a size that best fits the needs of your team and organization. Our socks are made in the USA with highest quality materials to ensure perfect fit.

See What Our Customers Have To Say

graphic socks

Find Your Style, Your Way

There’s no better accessory to show off your individuality than quality graphic socks when it comes to your own personal style. While socks aren’t a new part of your wardrobe, there are now more options than ever before to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you prefer cool mens graphic socks or if you are searching for weird socks; you can find a huge selection of bold, bright styles to suit everyone’s needs and preferences here.

Finding the Right Socks for You

Do you have a “colorful” vocabulary? If so, you may want to express yourself with quality funky socks with a few “choice” words. Hobbyists, gift-givers, food fanatics, art lovers – the options are endless when it comes to the choices of womens graphic socks that are available. You can find the perfect pair of socks to add to your collection and let everyone know about your superior fashion sense, fun personality, and love for all that’s unique. There’s no reason to go with boring and ordinary when you can choose graphic socks that are fun, flirty, and fashionable – based on your needs and preferences, of course.

The Perfect Gift Option

Are you looking for the perfect gift option? Whether it is someone’s birthday, anniversary, or another occasion, quality graphic socks are always in style. These are great gift items that people will actually appreciate and use. If you want something that will stand out from other gifts, then find graphic socks that match the receiver’s personality. This is a gift that keeps on giving since the receiver can wear them again and again – and think of you and simile each time they put their new, fun socks on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Buy Graphic Socks?

Today, you can find a huge selection of quality, long-lasting graphic socks that will fit your needs and personality. Also, they are a fun way to stand out and make your wardrobe a bit less serious in an overly serious world. What could be better?

How Do You Find Comfortable Socks?

If you have a busy schedule and a lot to do, having access to comfortable socks is a must. Try to find options that have a cushioned sole, which will provide more padding, which is a must for men, women, and children.

How Do You Find the Right Size Socks?

Finding the right size socks will help ensure they fit well and that they don’t fall down or bunch up at the toes – which can be extremely uncomfortable. Be sure to look for socks that coordinate with your shoe size to feel confident they will fit your foot well.

How Much Should You Pay for Socks?

Graphic socks aren’t too expensive. However, you do want to find a quality option, and you get what you pay for in the sock world. Be sure to find quality socks that are also offered at an affordable price.

What Type of Graphic Socks Should You Purchase?

The type of graphic socks you purchase depends on your needs and personal style. Take some time to look at the options to find socks that suit your personality and style.