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custom baseball socks

Build Your Own Custom Socks!

Can't find exactly what you’re looking for? Let us build it for you! We have the ability to customize any sock to your specifications. Contact us to get started right away. Minimum 12 pairs, 12 per size.

Why Buy From Socksrock

With fast turnaround times and low minimums, it's easy to see why Socksrock is the most popular socks, stirrups, and team appeal store online. All of our products are performance-grade and created for professional use, right here in the USA. Our advanced manufacturing techniques allow us the flexibility to customize every part of a sock.

How to Order


At Socksrock, you can customize your socks with any color. Pick from over 35+ colors to build perfect custom socks for your sports team or organization.


Add a logo or your mascot and build the ultimate custom socks for your brand or sports team. We can knit in any logo or image on your socks and help you make a statement.


Choose a size that best fits the needs of your team and organization. Our socks are made in the USA with highest quality materials to ensure perfect fit.

See What Our Customers Have To Say

Custom Baseball Socks

Made In USA: All of our products are stitched and manufactured right here in the USA. We've never outsourced our manufacturing process overseas and never will.

Custom Knitting: Every order of custom socks is unique, and we pride ourselves on our ability to customize every part of a sock.

Odor Resistant: Our advanced sock construction process and specialized materials provide maximum odor resistance in all our socks

Unfading Colors: Our top-quality yarns ensure your colors will neither fade nor run.

Performance Socks Designed For Comfort

Unmatched: When it comes to our custom socks, not only is the material of top notch quality but it is also designed in accordance with your comfort needs.

Size and Length Variety: Our socks range in size from small to extra large, and are offered in 5 lengths: Ankle, Quarter, Crew, Knee-High, and European.

Breathability: Our high-quality materials and knitting processes allow for increased breathability without sacrificing durability or elasticity.

Cuff Stays in Place: The high quality of the accessories and material that we use ensures that your socks are able to maintain their shape and hold.

Flexible Design with Complete Customization

Color Choices: There is a limitless array of colors that our customers can take advantage of when placing an order for custom socks.

Company / Team Logo: Organizations can choose to have company or team logo socks printed for giving away to their teammates, employees and customers.

Unlimited Design Choices: From custom socks with logos to socks with just about anything printed on them — with SOCKSROCK, customers have unlimited options to choose from for their personalized socks.

Advanced Cooling: With our advanced knitting technology and designs, your feet will remain cool for a long time, even in the heat of summer.

Durable Strong Stitch Personalized Socks

Longer Lasting: With personalized socks from SOCKSROCK, it’s a fact that you won’t be finding your socks with holes in them after a few uses.

Extra Reinforcements: We incorporate extra reinforcement to high-pressure areas, such as the heel and toe, that are more prone to getting holes than others.

Best Service and Price for Custom Made Socks

Turnaround Time: Our average turnaround time for custom socks is one of the fastest in the industry. We understand that nobody likes to wait!

Personal Support: When you place an order with SOCKSROCK, you can be sure to receive personalized support at every step along the way, from designing to manufacturing to delivery!

Simple Pricing: When you consider all that SOCKSROCK has to offer, the price it all comes at is nothing short of a bargain. Our price structure is extremely simple and there are no hidden charges.

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Comfortable, Durable Face Masks

Imagine having to adjust a disposable face mask that isn’t sitting properly over your nose and mouth, and in doing so, one of the straps breaks, rendering your mask unusable. This may pose a serious problem, especially if you’re at an establishment that requires masks to be worn at all times. Socks Rock brings you face masks made with a polyester micromesh blend that is soft against the skin, making it ideal for long wear.

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Stylish Masks that Ship Fast

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get custom baseball socks?

Order socks and stirrups for baseball in your choice of colors and patterns. Baseball stirrups can be customized all the way down to stripe color and stirrup length. Save on socks for the whole team by buying in bulk. Socks for baseball and stirrups worn with sanitaries wick away moisture.

Why wear custom socks for baseball?

Baseball players wear socks and stirrups as part of team uniforms. Sock color and design adds a finishing touch to game day outfits. Custom socks also offer a choice of sizes and materials and may have optional features to enhance comfort during wear. Add a personalized touch to uniforms today.

Why are socks for baseball long?

Baseball players traditionally wore stirrup socks with knickers. In the 1990s, major league players started wearing ankle-length pants and a different style of socks. Several professional baseball players and a number of college and other teams still wear stirrups. Customize a pair of adult or youth baseball socks or stirrups.

What are stirrup socks?

Stirrup socks display team colors or logos as part of a uniform. Stirrups cover the calves and have a loop that fits in the arch of the wearer’s foot. Stirrups are worn over long socks called sanitaries. It is possible to customize the color and design of socks and stirrups.

Should I tuck baseball socks into pants?

Knickers are knee-length to leave room for stirrups and sanitaries. Put on ankle-length pants over socks. Slide up ends to knee level before dropping the waist and rolling pants from the inside out. Form a one-inch strip around the knees for a neat fold that shows off socks or stirrups.