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3 Easy Steps To Buy Team Socks

It is possible to save money on an order for personalized team socks by buying custom-designed socks in bulk. Here are three simple steps to get the right number and sizes of socks to fit every member of any team.

1. Assess the Team’s Needs

Start by determining how many socks you will need for team members. It is also helpful to make a list of shoe sizes and calculate sock sizes for each member. When ordering custom team socks, many sock patterns have a minimum order quantity of a dozen socks per size. Check to see where to specify a size distribution for socks for a team. 

In general, extra small socks fit youth sizes five to 12. Small socks fit sizes 12 youth to men’s size four and women’s sizes four to five. Medium socks fit mens sizes 4.5 to 8.5 and womens sizes five to nine. Large socks can fit men’s sizes nine through 12 or womens sizes 10 to 12, while extra large socks fit larger sizes.

2. Choose the Design and Material

The design of socks you choose will affect the options for customization and price per pair of socks. Some designs offer a choice of base and one or more accent colors, knitted text and embroidered logos, while printed socks make it possible to design socks with high resolution logos and images.

The design of socks you select may also affect the material of socks. Many custom knitted and printed socks are made of nylon stretch yarn while other styles consist of a blend of polypropylene, nylon, elastic and Spandex. 

3. Order Team Socks

Once you have designed your favorite pattern and type of socks, submit an order for any quantity you need along with a size breakdown. Once you place an order, you should receive a digital mockup within one or two business days. After approval, it may take up to three weeks to fulfill a custom sock order.

The socks you order for a team are often worn as a part of uniforms. Each player may require several pairs of socks per season. Purchasing managers may want to order additional socks as backups, for promotional giveaways or merchandise for fans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to buy socks for a team?

The purchasing manager for a team can stock up on socks for players by placing a bulk order. Customize socks with your choice of colors, designs or logos and order at least 12 socks per size in an order. Bulk orders are the best way to supply players with footwear.

Can I get custom socks in more than one size?

A custom order of socks may have a minimum order quantity of one dozen or two dozen pairs. Most styles specify a minimum of twelve pairs per size. A purchasing agent should factor in the number of sizes in an order to determine the minimum number of socks to buy.

How can a team use custom socks?

A team can outfit every member in custom socks or give socks away as team gifts. Custom socks can also serve as merchandise for fans or be sold in team fundraisers. It is a good idea to order larger quantities and size ranges of socks that have a custom design.

What are some ways to customize socks for a team?

Choose from socks that offer a choice of bottom and design colors or options to add custom logos or text. Each sock pattern may offer unique opportunities for personalization based on the base style. Check to see which design options are available in your favorite sock pattern and preferred length.

How many socks should I order for a team?

Calculate the quantity of socks in an order based on the number of players on a team. Each player may need multiple pairs of socks throughout the season. It is better to order too many socks and give away or sell promotional pairs than to end up short on socks.

Designing team socks is one of the best ways to bring players together. Socks form an important part of any team uniform and can also be worn by fans to promote a team. Customize a bulk order of custom socks for your team today.