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Baseball stirrups are a colorful custom among baseball teams, one that is so ingrained in the American psyche that recreational leagues throughout the country continue the tradition. Men, women, boys and girls play baseball and softball in stirrups, and the style still has fans among professional players. SocksRock provides a variety of choices in stirrup socks, with multiple options to customize your look.

Premium Quality Stirrups

Our baseball stirrups are premium quality, made from nylon and a pinch of elastic for stretch, abrasion-resistance and a lightweight fit that doesn’t feel bulky. They feature a double welt top and tube construction for durability. You won’t feel an uncomfortable stirrup in your shoes because they also have a smooth toe seam.

Customize Your Stirrup Socks

Whether you play in a recreational or competitive league, baseball stirrups can help give your team a cohesive look and feel. Customization options include the following:

  • Colors: Choose from 35 different colors to match your uniforms or logo
  • Patterns: Opt for one solid color, stripes or a pattern of stripes in different colors
  • Cuts: Choose 4-/5-, 7- or 9-inch cuts, with larger cuts showing more of the socks beneath
  • Sizes: Small, medium, large and extra-large sizes are available, as well as youth sizes

Ordering is easy, taking just minutes. We’ll walk you through selecting colors, patterns and sizes with insights into how they fit. View a baseball stirrup socks model on-screen that incorporates your choices before finalizing your order.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Did Baseball Players Wear Stirrups?

Because early uniforms ended just below the knees, players all wore white socks, which made it difficult to distinguish between the teams. To help players easily recognize teammates from opposing players, they began wearing different-colored stirrups over their socks in 1951. A few teams were even named after them, such as the Chicago White Sox.

How Do You Wear Baseball Stirrups?

Baseball stirrups go over a sock, which should stretch tight to help the stirrup go on easier. The top of the stirrups is an ordinary tube sock, so you pull it on the same way. The stirrup, or loop on the bottom, remains under your midsole, inside the shoe.

What Do You Wear Under Stirrups?

Traditionally, stirrups are worn over full-length white socks that stretch up to the knee. Today’s players can wear the traditional look or create a custom look in socks with help from SocksRock. If you choose traditional white socks, opt for a thinner white sock to decrease the overall bulk and ensure your comfort.

Which Way Should Stirrups Face?

By themselves, stirrups look a little funny as there is only a loop instead of a full bottom that covers the foot. Keep the name “stirrups” in mind and it will make more sense as you place your foot into them, with the bottom loop going across the foot from side to arch.

How Do Baseball Players Wear Their Socks?

Major-league players can decide for themselves whether to wear long pants or those that fall just below the knee. If they choose pants, they can wear any sock beneath, because they are not visible. Those who want the shorter pants follow tradition and wear white socks beneath stirrup socks.