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Socks for working out should be comfortable and have performance features. Whether you purchase standard or custom workout socks, you can count on high-quality socks to have smooth seams and a combination of antimicrobial and moisture-wicking materials to prevent blisters and odor. Workout socks can keep your feet comfortable during exercise.

The Best Workout Socks

Several features set the best socks for working out apart from basic athletic socks. Look for socks that feature smooth toe seams that will not rub as you move. Compression zones at the ankle and arch can help to counteract muscle fatigue. Fast-drying and infused antimicrobial sock materials should keep blisters and odors at bay.

Workout Sock Styles

You may prefer to match sock length to the type of exercise and the clothing you wear during workouts. No-show and ankle socks can provide a layer of protection for your feet while allowing your legs to breathe. For some activities such as baseball or softball, higher socks provide protection and may serve as sanitaries under stirrups.

Design Custom Workout Socks

Ordering cool workout socks can be an incentive to get more exercise. Pick your preferred length of workout sock and see which options are available for embroidered socks, logo socks or printed socks. No matter which type of design you choose, there are almost unlimited opportunities for customizing athletic and sport-specific socks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I customize workout socks?

Personalize the look of no-show, ankle, crew, over-calf, knee-high or stirrup socks for working out. Choose a good material for athletic wear that has features such as blister control, compression, infused antimicrobials and ProDRI moisture management. You can customize the colors and design of many socks to match workout gear.

Which workout sock features are most important?

The length and materials of workout socks are two of the most important factors. The type of exercise and workout clothing can also determine which socks are the most comfortable and protective. For the best experience, choose socks that fit comfortably, provide compression, resist microbial growth and wick away moisture.

What is the minimum custom sock order?

The minimum order of custom socks is a set of six or 12. It is also possible to place an order for more than one size of socks with the minimum quantity of each selected size. Ordering socks in bulk can allow for a lower price per pair of socks.

Which workout socks options are available?

Design a pair of socks to showcase the colors of a team. You can also upload a team logo for knitted or printed socks. Knitted designs have lower resolution, but can display logos or custom text. Printed socks have high resolution and can display images or patterns of repeating logos.Socks for working out come in an array of lengths from no-show up to knee-high. Some sock styles come in set lengths, such as pro weight knit ice hockey socks. Designs may offer choices for bottom colors and design features, custom printed socks or logo socks to wear during workouts.

What are the most popular workout sock styles?

The most popular styles of socks to wear while working out are custom socks in no-show, ankle or crew lengths. Other popular designs include casual athletic socks such as the Old School tube sock or the Perimeter 2.0 Logo crew sock and custom workout socks that have high-performance features.