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Softball is a popular game among both youngsters and adults. And anyone who has played it knows the importance of comfortable socks. With such a long time on the field, socks that don’t provide breathing room can accelerate fatigue. At Socks Rock, we want you to give your best performance, every time. Custom softball socks are our way of contributing help. Our customized softball socks are stylish and affordable. Perfect for the pitch!

Why Buy Custom Softball Socks from Socks Rock?

With 40 years of providing premium quality products to athletes, Socks Rock has earned the reputation of a reliable brand. We understand sports like no other. This is why our custom softball socks are manufactured specifically to meet athlete needs. Here are a few more reasons what makes us a better choice than the rest.

  • Team customization: You can incorporate your team colors, logos and slogan on these customized softball socks. Browse our patterns to get started.
  • Nine different materials: We use a blend of various materials that offer enhanced performance. Three of our nine moisture-proof materials are nylon, polyester and polypropylene. These are well-known for their quick-drying, moisture-repellent and temperature-regulating properties.
  • Durable: Our socks are highly durable and retain their brand new look for a long time. This is money well spent!
  • Support on the field: Your heels and toes receive the most pressure during the game. For your ease, we’ve incorporated extra reinforcements in these areas. Your custom softball socks will now be tear resistant.
  • Multiple options in lengths and sizes: Socks Rock offers five different lengths in socks. Choose from Ankle, Quarter, Crew, Knee-High, and European lengths. We also offer sizes that range from small to extra large.

Looking for custom softball socks with logo? Start customizing at Socks Rock today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy socks for softball?

Order custom softball socks online at affordable prices. Customize socks for softball with your choice of colors, text and logos for bulk orders. Socks made of 100% nylon stretch yarn keep feet dry and cushioned. Choose a sock length and select quantities of sizes from extra small to extra large.

Why do some players wear stirrups?

Stirrups are a sock style traditionally worn with baseball knickers. Many softball pants are worn at knee length, leaving room for stirrups that show off team colors and logos. Stirrups are designed to fit the arch of the foot and are worn over sanitaries or socks with a full foot.

Do socks go over or under pants?

Some softball pants resemble baseball knickers and end at the knee. To pair softball socks with ankle-length pants, slide the end of each pant leg up to the knee, drop the waist and roll from the inside out. Form a one-inch strip for a fold that reveals socks or stirrups.

Which socks are best for softball?

The best socks for softball stay up, wick moisture and provide cushioning for comfort. Custom socks made of 100% nylon stretch yarn excel in these areas, making this material a popular choice for outfitting teams. Choose from over 35 colors and a variety of patterns with logo and text options.

How can I customize socks for softball?

Start the custom sock design process by choosing a pattern or template for socks or stirrups. Design a team sock with your choice of colors and design features such as a logo or text. When ordering softball socks bulk, the quantity you order can save you more on team uniforms.