Why do baseball players wear stirrups? March 02 2020, 0 Comments

Baseball stirrups are the uniform oversock some baseball players wear over their socks. Originally worn in the early 20th century for sanitary reasons, the stirrups are more of a tradition today. Stirrups come in all colors, designs, and even cuts, depending on the player’s preference.

So Stirrups Are Part Of A Baseball Player’s Uniform?

Well, sort of. While Major League Baseball has uniform rules, in the case for individual player choice in pants and socks, the rules are observed in the breach. Teams don’t even really enforce a uniform code across the roster with regard to socks. Individuals can wear high cut loops, low cut, two-in-one, no-show or no stirrup at all.

High Cut, Low Cut, What Cut?

When players originally started wearing baseball stirrups, it was a simple large sock over their white “sanitary” sock. The toe and heel were cut out to make room in the cleats, and the white sock didn’t even show (known today as the (no-show). Over time, the loop, as the remaining cloth was called, got longer and longer. At first it showed more ankle, then more calf and shin, finally some baseball stirrups ran nearly to the knee. And some players began wearing what are called two-in-ones, which are socks with a knitted stirrup right on them.

Knitted Stirrups Are A Thing?

They certainly are! Modern CAD knitting can knit any design into baseball stirrup socks. Multiple colors and designs are possible, and even logos can be incorporated. A team can have their own custom baseball stirrups made at Socks Rock just by choosing a sock design, selecting any text options and uploading a logo in the order.

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