What are the Best Cotton Socks? November 04 2019, 0 Comments

Why Cotton?

With the modern moisture wicking technology of synthetic fabrics, it is easy to dismiss cotton as a fabric for socks. While cotton does hold onto moisture and sweaty active wear can encourage blisters and bacterial stink, the soft comfort of cotton is hard to match. Casual and business wear cotton socks can easily be an easy choice when choosing footwear. The relaxed environment that doesn’t generate sweat coupled with the comfort of cotton can be perfect for day to day wear.


Get Active, Mix It Up

But when playing sports, hiking, or engaging in any kind of high level activity, cotton will quickly become uncomfortable as sweaty fabric creates friction in the shoe, causing blisters, and the soaked footwear becomes uncomfortable in general. So when selecting baseball socks, or any custom athletic socks in general, you need to look beyond 100% cotton fabrics. Socks Rock offers a variety of moisture wicking, antimicrobial fabrics for its socks. For those that like comfort, cotton/synthetic mixes are offered too.


All Sorts Of Benefits

Custom athletic socks will be designed for comfort, with seamless toes, arch and ankle compression support weaves, and certain styles in Socks Rock’s inventory will also have 40-60% cotton mixed fabrics. Every aspect of comfort and support is factored into the sock design. With multiple sock designs to choose from Socks Rock will have the sock for your custom athletic socks needs.

Today, custom socks are easier than ever to design and deliver. From ankle length thru quarter and crew right up to knee high Socks Rock can weave, embroider, and even print whatever design you submit. And if you need the comfort of cotton in your sock, Socks Rock will have the fabric that gives you what you need. You can get your team, company, group or family just the socks you’re looking to outfit them with today.