The Best Events and Occasions for Custom Socks April 10 2019, 0 Comments


At Socks Rock, we pride ourselves on the fact that our socks are comfortable, stylish, and durable. But socks are fun, too! Creative socks are conversation starters and works of art, which makes them especially great for special occasions and social events. Take a look at our recommendations for some great places to harness the power of custom socks!

Festivals and Career Fairs

If your business is setting up a booth at an outdoor festival or job fair, custom socks with your logo set the perfect tone for those who attend. People love to snag giveaways wherever they can, and they can never have too many pairs of socks! You’ll be able to show those who are learning about your company for the first time that you’re a fun, creative organization worth remembering.


The holidays bring family and friends together to enjoy quality time. A shiny new pair of Christmas socks for each family member has become a tradition in many households (okay, socks aren’t shiny, but new ones are still awesome!) Even if your socks aren’t Christmas themed, that’s perfectly okay. Socks of all kinds are appreciated during the season of giving!

Shipment Giveaways

Many businesses that deliver packages like to throw little gifts for their customers into shipment boxes. Customers never fail to appreciate “bonus products” when they receive an extra item from their favorite online stores. Customers will be happy to see a free pair of socks included with their order -- maybe so happy that they’ll make a point to order again very soon! Their new socks will also serve as an advertisement for your business, turning feet all around the world into mini billboards for your company!

Employee Gift Bags

Great companies treat their employees to little perks when they come on board, during the holidays, or just because. If your business is thinking about gifting your employees custom t-shirts or coffee mugs, custom socks make a great addition to any swag bag! Most socks wear out easily, getting holes in the toes far sooner than we feel like they should. Your employees will thank you for giving them some fun, high-quality socks for free!


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to innovative, fun uses of custom socks. Browse our website for more great ideas and styles!