How To Personalize Socks August 19 2019, 0 Comments

Why Personalize Your Socks

Clothing is a statement of identity. With style, color, even emblems you tell the world your taste, interests, attachments. In the world of activewear, affiliation to a team can be vital to game play or a declaration of fandom. What do you play, who do you admire, who is your team? All this and more can be shown. In sports such as baseball, football, or soccer socks are part of the team uniform. In personal activewear socks are part of your uniform. Even in casual dress, under long pants your customized socks can keep your team close at all times.

Never Been A Better Time

Just over a hundred years ago baseball came up with the double layer stirrup sock to make socks part of a hygienic uniform. With today’s fabrics and colorfast dyes, uniform socks are safe to wear and easy to clean. Synthetic fibers and modern weaves can create the best in moisture wicking technology. Padding, ribbing, and virtually invisible seams make comfort and support integral to any athletic socks. And none of that is sacrificed when customizing your footwear!

Innovations In Tech

Computerized knitting machines can turn out the most complex weaves; heat transfer printing, and continuous designs create choices never seen before. All done with speed and at volume to lower cost and make smaller more personal orders affordable. In all lengths too; ankle, crew, knee high, over-the-knee, take your pick. Embroidered logos, printed pictures, what do you want on your sport sock?

SocksRock Rocks!

At SocksRock, an online interface helps you locate the type of sock you’re looking for. Select for sport, be it football, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, or baseball, stirrup or no stirrup. What style design do you prefer? Stripe, candy stripe, camo, solid are just some of the choices available. Does your sock need logo or text accommodation? What length -- ankle, quarter, crew, tube, over-the-knee defender? How about blister control? Select. Antimicrobial? Select. You can even select by price-per-pair. Navigate the Build Your Own system as it draws a sample image that changes when you choose color or length. You will be asked for any logos or text. Select, upload, add to cart and watch for delivery time. Then you’re on your way. Two dozen minimum, twelve pairs per size.

Make Your Statement

So dive into the limitless creative possibilities of customizable socks. Whether you are outfitting your little league or high school team, or your friends what to make a team of their own, there is no reason you can’t get started today. Even if the choice is for yourself, personal or business, the freedom to design a sock that lets everyone know who you are and what you’re about has never been greater. Design. Explore. Enjoy.