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When hockey season rolls around, there may be a lot of work ahead to get your team ready for the ice. It is easy for youth to put off practicing drills or staying in shape during the off-season, and this impacts how quickly your team will be scoring goals or playing defense like one cohesive unit. In addition to making sure you have their bodies physically up to the task, you also need to make sure each player is outfitted with the right protective gear. This includes issuing custom hockey socks to each member of your team.

Training for Physical Fitness

Once your players gather for training, there are several key areas to work on. Here is some advice for an effective practice routine.

Developing Quickness 

Hockey players need to focus on explosive movements with top speed because rinks aren’t usually big enough to provide enough room to develop full acceleration. Spending time on first-step quickness will lay the foundation for a strong team on both offense and defense. Work on sprints of five to 10 yards and add in diagonal movements. Hockey players don’t push off vertically as runners do.

Developing Strength

The smallest guy or gal on the team can still be one of the most resilient when it comes to getting knocked off the puck. Strength in hockey isn’t about lifting weights, but about resistance. Training to pull or push through personal bodyweight teaches the muscles how to adjust to resistance and maintain a powerful stride while on the ice.

Developing Core Strength

Hockey players can use crunches or sit-ups to tighten and strengthen the core, but these athletes tackle the game while standing up and not lying down. It is better to train the players through overhead squats or standing twists in order to loosen up the hip flexors and prepare them for the bending that accompanies a face-off or short-burst accelerations.

Uniforms and Equipment

Hockey socks are much different from traditional skate socks or daily wear socks, and you don’t want your team members gearing up with the wrong equipment. Hockey socks don’t cover the feet and are open-ended, as they are supposed to run from the middle of the thigh down to the ankle. Hockey socks are designed to be wider than traditional socks in order to account for the width of large shin guards. As the size of the sock increases, so does the width.

Ordering custom socks for your hockey team will ensure your team has a unified look that proudly presents team colors, but it also provides an excellent fit. Using a fabric tape measure, record the distance between the middle of the thigh down to the ankle bone on each player to select the right sizes.

  •          16-18 inches is a mites size
  •          22-24 inches is a youth size
  •          26-28 inches is an intermediate size
  •          30-32 inches is an adult size

It’s also before the season that you need to consider where to purchase the necessary gear. Your players will be bringing their own skates and ordering the sizes they need for jerseys, but you can present your team with high-quality youth hockey socks from Socks Rock.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Special Socks Really Necessary for Playing Hockey?

Though some people will wear whatever socks they want in the skates, you may find that is more comfortable to purchase socks that are either extra thick or super thin to wear inside the skate. Socks prevent moisture and bacteria from building up in the booth from sweat, but they also prevent hot spots or blisters.

Is There a Special Thickness for Skate Socks?

How thick or thin the hockey and skate socks are tend to be a matter of personal comfort. Some players prefer thick wool socks for a tight fit, while others enjoy knee-high thin socks that aren’t as hot or constricting. The material the sock is made from impacts thickness, but the right fit also comes down to personal comfort.

What Material Should Ice Hockey Socks Be Made From?

Hockey socks form-fitting and often made from a synthetic rib-knit fabric, though cotton is also used. At Socks Rock, our custom hockey socks are made from a cotton/polyester yard. It is antimicrobial as well, perfect for athletes who want to avoid problems with smelly, sweaty feet.

Do Socks Affect the Fit of the Skate?

Just as socks impact how your tennis shoes or other footwear feels, skates will feel and fit differently depending on what socks you select. When you have a skate fitting, wear the socks you plan to use during practices and games. Your comfort is what ultimately matters, whether you choose thick or thin socks or short or tall.

Are There Minimum Order Requirements for Custom Hockey Socks?

When you order with Socks Rock, you can have a special logo, text and colors put into the sock design. The number of socks you need to order depends on the style of the sock you select as well as the sizes you need. Our team can help you determine how to order for your club.