Easy to Learn Steps on How to Design Custom Volleyball Socks November 21 2019, 0 Comments

All Play And No Work

At Socks Rock designing your own custom volleyball socks is easy with the Build Your Own Process. Getting your team’s volleyball socks to match its uniform will be no problem with over 35 colors to choose from. And our sock templates cover one, two, or three color designs.

Size Doesn’t Matter

While volleyball socks can be any length, girls volleyball socks tend to be knee high. Socks Rock can accommodate any preference. Ankle, quarter, crew, knee high lengths are available for any of our templates.

Start With Template

A variety of templates exist for you to choose from. The Axiom and Cascade have a rather traditional feel, while the Mercury, Zephyr and Reaktor provide some wild pattern combinations. Don’t forget you can customize your team socks with text. Depending on your template selection text can be placed at the outer brim, the front or back, and even have hidden text along the toe, bridge, or inner brim!

Go Go With Logo

And don’t forget to upload your team logo to be embroidered on the sock directly. Front or sides, Socks Rock’s computer aided knitting machines will place the logo where everyone can see it. Just so there are no surprises, a digital mock-up will be emailed to you within a day or two to make sure the design is what you’re looking for. After your approval manufacture and shipment usually take 3-6 weeks.

The Build Your Own Process isn’t template only. Not sure what you’d like? Just submit your logos, colors, and what you are looking for and we’ll send a design to you. Change it, tweak it, and you’ll have your sock. Socks Rock will help you at any step of the process. So don’t wait any longer, get started now, and order your team’s volleyball socks today!