Custom Knitted Socks Or Printed Socks, Which Is Right For You? September 30 2019, 0 Comments

Printed Socks vs Sublimated Socks

Choices, Choices, Choices!

Modern technology has made customizing socks easier and more fun than ever. The options are limitless, but with so many options can come a little decision paralysis. Which exact options are good for you? When choosing between custom knitted or custom printed socks both have their particular strengths.

Knitted Socks vs Printed Socks

What Are The Differences?

Computer-controlled precision needles and optical sensors are key to the manufacture of knitted socks. Not merely an emblem embroidered onto an existing sock, today’s socks can actually have your logo or text knitted into the very fabric making the sock! Your digitally submitted design will be customized to suit your sock choice, then the knitting machine does the rest, made right to order.

Sublimation printing involves having your submitted image composed on specialized paper that is used to print the image to the fabric of your sock. Like an old school iron-on, but far more sophisticated, a heat press at a temperature of 400 degrees transfer your image onto the sock, putting your image right on your footwear.

What Are You Looking For?

Are you outfitting your sports team or customizing socks for your friends, family, workplace, or business? Consider all the factors that contribute to the makeup and design of your sock. Knitted socks offer a classic look even as they accommodate your team logo, colors, and even text. A wide selection of sock lengths made this a better choice for the various requirements of different sports. The sock knit will also have less distortion of your image when your sock is worn. Your yarn options include antimicrobial and moisture control, something critical for intense activewear like baseball, football, or basketball. And Socksrock has many exclusive styles all ready to incorporate your text and logo.

Sublimation printed socks have a greater range for design, colors, logo, text, and are even capable of utilizing picture images. You get calf only or full sock prints in striking color with eye-popping detail!  Style may be limited to knee-high and crew, you do have compression sock or regular fit options. Printed socks have a sleeker feel on the foot, due to the reduction of fuzz and yarn.

So for intense activewear consider knitted. Your customization options are impressive and Socksrock will create a sock that helps take care of your foot. For dazzling design, a striking, detailed print to advertise your business or just get people talking, Socksrock printed socks will get you the attention you’re looking for.