Check Out New Sublimation Socks at Socks Rock! February 21 2019, 0 Comments

It’s fun to wear custom gear with your team or company’s logo, but have you ever noticed that your logo doesn’t look quite right on certain items? Some printing or rendering techniques don’t allow your logo to appear at the highest possible level of quality. With socks, it’s especially difficult to replicate intricate logos through knitting. That’s why we’ve introduced a special new variety of custom socks with sublimation printing. With this printing technique, we can render your logo more clearly and with more detail than ever before!

What is Sublimation Printing?

The process of sublimation printing uses a computerized printer to transfer dye into fabrics. This process enables Socks Rocks to put a far more accurate, detailed version of your logo onto custom socks or hats. While knitted logos give your custom socks a vintage, classic look, sublimated logos provide a hyper-realistic, modern style.

Whether you’re marketing your business or showing off your team pride, a clear, high-quality logo helps to make a lasting impression. Modern-day consumers expect the best in technology and design, and sublimation printing delivers on that expectation in a big way.

What Types of Sublimation Socks Are Available at Socks Rock?

Our fully customizable sublimation socks come in crew or knee-high lengths. When placing your order, you can upload your preferred logo and write a message describing what kind of background you want behind it. At our custom sublimated socks product page, you can see examples of sublimation sock designs created by past customers.  

 Our sublimated sock designs are black at the bottom but have a great deal of customization flexibility at the top. You can choose from a single-color design or a variety of multicolored patterns that give your sock a bold, unique look. With plenty of colors and designs to choose from, you can customize something that’s truly your own.