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Build Your Own Custom Socks!

Can't find exactly what you’re looking for? Let us build it for you! We have the ability to customize any sock to your specifications. Contact us to get started right away. Minimum 12 pairs, 12 per size.

Why Buy From Socksrock

With fast turnaround times and low minimums, it's easy to see why Socksrock is the most popular socks, stirrups, and team appeal store online. All of our products are performance-grade and created for professional use, right here in the USA. Our advanced manufacturing techniques allow us the flexibility to customize every part of a sock.

How to Order


At Socksrock, you can customize your socks with any color. Pick from over 35+ colors to build perfect custom socks for your sports team or organization.


Add a logo or your mascot and build the ultimate custom socks for your brand or sports team. We can knit in any logo or image on your socks and help you make a statement.


Choose a size that best fits the needs of your team and organization. Our socks are made in the USA with highest quality materials to ensure perfect fit.

See What Our Customers Have To Say

knee high custom baseball socks

Build Your Own Baseball Socks

What you wear on your feet matters – especially when it comes to baseball socks. Our knee high custom baseball socks are made to help ensure a player’s feet warm and dry while on they are on the field, especially in rainy and cold weather. Remember, baseball socks are unique to other types of sports accessory you need. Old-school knee high baseball socks are typically longer than traditional socks and can be used in unique sports. They can also extend over your shins and cover your entire leg. You can even create custom baseball socks to give away to increase support for your team.

Show Off Your Style with Custom Baseball Socks

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional baseball player or just enjoy playing on the weekend; knee high custom baseball socks are a must-have option. However, you need socks that can keep up without significant damage or issues when running and sliding. Our socks are available in a huge selection of patterns and colors, which means you can find options that help you show off your team loyalty regardless of if you are on the field, at work, or somewhere else.

Premium Socks at Affordable Prices

When it comes to knee high custom baseball socks, we have everything you want and need. You can create your own custom baseball socks, too. This means if you have a design idea, want your team colors represented, or are just looking for something unique; we have you covered. Also, our baseball socks have been infused to help prevent bacteria growth and control foot odor that so many players have to deal with. If you want quality, fun baseball socks, we have a huge selection for you to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Buy Custom Baseball Socks?

While there are many baseball socks to choose from, you will find that custom options are great because you get exactly what you want. You can customize the socks to meet your needs and preferences.

What Type of Socks Do Baseball Players Wear?

Baseball players wear something called stirrup socks. These are part of the traditional uniform and provide a distinctive look. Usually, the socks are made with the team’s traditional colors, and they go over longer socks that are usually white.

Do Socks Go Under or Over Baseball Pants?

The look that is seen most often involves rolling the baseball pants up to the knee and then putting on white knee-high socks. Pull them up, and depending on the look you want, you can pull the socks over the pant’s hem.

Are Baseball Socks Required?

Wearing higher socks in baseball is suggested because they help to protect your legs when you slide. They also stay up and in position while you run.

How Do You Purchase High-Quality Baseball Socks?

If you are in the market for baseball socks, look at what they are made of to determine the quality. Be sure to purchase socks that have moisture-wicking benefits and anti-bacterial benefits. These are the best options for your feet and to ensure that you get the benefits desired.