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When it comes to branding and messaging, few pieces of apparel can compare to a shirt. Whether you’re cheering on a favorite team or giving honor to someone, custom shirts help you say what needs to be said comfortably and stylishly. Socks Rock has been the provider of choice for custom athletic gear, such as socks and hats. Now you can experience the same level of quality and customization in tee shirts and tops of various shapes and sizes.

Custom T-Shirts For Everyone

The T-shirt is an enduring symbol of fun, physical activity, and casual style. The T-shirt is at home on the baseball diamond, at the gym, at the bowling alley, and around town. As one of the most versatile articles of clothing around, Socks Rock is proud to bring you custom t-shirts that meet your demands. Short-sleeve, crew neck shirts can be worn for team sports, a booster or fan club, or a shared activity like a family reunion or company cookout.

Cool, Custom Sweatshirts

When the weather turns a bit chilly, sweatshirts are a nice alternative to T-shirts and tank tops. Whether you love the cool style of a hoodie, or prefer the clean look of a basic sweatshirt, Socks Rocks is your source for custom sweatshirts. We offer sweatshirts that can double as loungewear, workout gear, or easy street style. Our sweatshirts offer a unisex fit, making them appropriate for various groups or teams.

365 Days of Custom Shirts

The neat thing about Socks Rock custom shirts is that various styles are available for your use. Besides T-shirts and sweatshirts, we also offer tank tops, long sleeve shirts, raglan-style shirts, and even fitted t-shirts that flatter a feminine silhouette. These styles can all be customized to whatever activity you want. Extend your wardrobe options with one of our high-quality shirts that can be layered under a sportscoat, cardigan, or shirt for more style-minded choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum quantity for ordering?

Yes. You must order at least two custom shirts when buying. The prices shown on our shirts page are per pair. Click on the “price per pair” text at the top which reveals a slider that you can adjust to filter the results by price per pair.

How can I confirm the size before ordering?

Go to the landing pages for the custom shirts that you’re interested in purchasing. Below the description of the product, we offer a list of the available sizes for a particular shirt. We provide the length and width for each size in centimeters. Use this information to help you find the right size.

How do I customize a t-shirt?

Turn your T-shirt order into custom T-shirts by locating the “personalize this design” button under the large “add to cart” button. A window will pop-up prompting you to upload a design for the front of the shirt. Choose a file from your computer. A preview of the T-shirt will appear in the window before adding it to the cart.

Are all custom shirts unisex?

No. We offer crop tees, racerback tank tops, and fitted custom T-shirts for women. We also offer a heavyweight tee that’s designed for men. You can see the dimensions of each style on the landing page under the description as well as the image of the model to determine the right fit.

Do you sell crop hoodies?

At this time, our custom sweatshirts do not come in a crop style. Our sweatshirts are currently available with a crew neck or with a hood. The only crop top we offer is a woman’s T-shirt. All of our sweatshirts are heavyweight and can be personalized with an image of your own.