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Rugby players are known for their enormous team spirit. Show off that spirit with matching team socks, customized from Socks Rock. A pair of great custom socks not only look great while playing, but stay as a memorable item of great rugby games even after players have left the field.

Design Your Own Custom Rugby Socks

Pride in your team is important and the team's logo and colors are significantly tied to that pride. How many iconic sports teams do you know by their colors? The same should be true for your rugby team, so get matching socks with your team's colors and show your spirit. Ordering from Socks Rock offers so many different design options, you can make your custom rugby socks truly personal to your team.

Cool Rugby Socks in Many Styles

There are a lot of great styles to choose from when picking out your custom rugby socks. Four sizes of socks are available: ankle, quarter, crew and knee length. Most rugby players prefer crew socks, but all the options can be chosen. You will find socks with bold patterns of stripes like the Solaris custom socks or cool angular designs like the Reaktor custom socks. From subtle to bold, pick out socks that match your team's spirit and energy.

Customized Youth Rugby Socks

Socks Rock offers tons of customization options for your rugby socks. Add your logo or text to the front or back of your socks to really show off your team's style. Add text to the toe or bridge of your socks like the team's name or motto. Change all the colors featured on the socks to your team's colors. Depending on the design, socks can have 2 or 3 changeable colors, so you can make sure your team is fully represented. Make your socks bold and show off all your team spirit with these customization options from Socks Rock.

When playing any sport, it is important to have the proper equipment. The right socks can help keep players’ feet warm and dry, even during cold and wet weather. Additionally, they can help support the ankle and protect players from injury. These qualities are especially important for rugby teams. With the right rugby socks, the whole team will be ready to hit the field.

Show Off Your Team or Brand’s Style

Our custom rugby socks can be designed with a variety of colors, styles, logos and text. You can easily show off your team colors or your brand’s logo with our socks. This is a fun and unique way to add a little style to the players’ kits. We can knit any logo or image onto your socks.

Get Socks Made With Premium-Quality Materials

All Socks Rocks products are made from premium-quality materials. We know that your team is going to push these socks to the limits. So, we build them to be very robust and resistant. They can take on all the rain and mud you can throw at them. Additionally, our designs are knit into the socks, so they will hold up excellently as well.

Customize However You Like

We have design options ranging from bright zebra patterns to subtle black rugby socks. Whatever you want from your socks, we have a solution for you. These are a few of the customization options:

  • Size: The right socks need to fit well. We have sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-large.
  • Color: We offer over 35 color options. Better yet, you can choose several colors for each pattern.
  • Pattern: If you want a rugby sock with a cool look, Socks Rock has you covered. We have patterns ranging from flat colors to geometric patterns to flag socks.
  • Images and Text: Put whatever images and text you want on your socks. We can knit in any logo or image.

Design Your Own Rugby Socks Today

Get started today by designing your socks. We’ll even help you get it right. Just send us what you want, and we’ll mock the design up for you. Order your rugby socks today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order custom rugby socks?

Ordering custom socks is easy at Socks Rock. First you will pick the design you like best and then customize it. Then you will need to select the style and length, add your logo and choose the colors of your socks. Finally, you will pick the sizes you want your socks to come in.

In what sizes can I get my custom rugby socks?

We offer 5 sizes of socks from extra small to extra large. Children ages 5 to 12 will want to wear the extra small socks. Adults should check out the sizing chart on each pair of socks to see which size corresponds to each shoe size.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of socks I can order?

Yes, for each sock and each size you wish to order there will be a minimum number of socks you must order. This varies for each sock, but is usually 6 or 12 per size. If you need to order more than 250 pairs of socks, feel free to email us at sales@socksrock.com for ordering options.

How should I wash my Socks Rock socks?

For best results, machine wash your socks and dry on low heat or lay them out flat to dry. Avoid using bleach when washing your socks. You can also turn your socks inside out to prevent pilling and fuzzing from washing.

What materials will my socks be made of?

Though it depends on each individual sock, all our socks are made of high quality materials you can trust to last a long time. Many of our socks are made from 100% nylon for amazing cushioning, compression and moisture-absorption. For more information about our materials, check out our helpful guide on color and materials.