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Fashion socks have come a long way and today luxury and performance are considered two sides of the same fashion coin. Socks Rock offers a wide range of customized fun fashion socks that you can use to complete your stylish, attention-grabbing ensemble. Our customized fashion socks for men and women are perfect to make a striking statement on a monochrome dress too. You have numerous choices when it comes to playing with different colors and patterns. With us, you can have fun experimenting with them all!

Why Choose Our Custom Fashion Socks?

At Socks Rocks, we understand your comfort and style needs, and bring you only the best. We have four decades of experience in providing quality, customized solutions that our customers adore and come back for. So when you’re searching for customizable fashion socks for women or men, Socks Rock has your style needs covered.

  • Competitive pricing: With our fashion socks’ extensive features that allow you to flaunt your personal style, our prices are a bargain!
  • Made in USA: All our socks are designed and manufactured locally.
  • Anti-microbial fibers: Our socks utilize anti-microbial fibers that keep off the bacteria and mold, and offers resistance to odors.
  • Durable fashion socks: Our socks retain their shape even after several washes. You can rely on these socks to not slide down and ruin your look when you’re out.
  • Custom design: Whether you’re a fan of subtle, minimalist design or like bold and glittery looks, we can customize socks as per your design needs. Everything from colors, text and patterns can be personalized as per your preference.
  • Excellent service: We offer complete support to you throughout the process.

Need customized fashion socks to rock your style? Customize your order from Socks Rocks today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order custom fashion socks?

Ordering custom fashion socks is easy at Socks Rock. You will have many different fashionable designs to choose from that you can then customize. You can then choose how you would like to customize the different features of the socks. Make sure you fill out each portion you want customized.

What options do have when making customized fashion socks?

Depending on the design you choose you can customize many different parts of your socks. Each different design will have different portions that you can change the color, such as the heel or toe. You will also be able to add text or a logo at different places on the sock like the brim or toe.

What colors can I use when ordering custom socks?

Socks Rock have over 30 colors to choose from when customizing your socks. See the full list of colors here. You will also want to the color descriptions of each color, since your computer's display may show the color differently than it may appear once produced.

What sizes do custom fashion socks come in?

There are several different sizes and lengths available for your custom fashion socks. Sizes range from XS to XL, so use the reference guide on size to compare to your shoe size. You can also choose the length of your custom socks to be knee high, crew, quarter or ankle length.

Can I buy custom fashion socks in bulk?

Yes, you can order your custom fashion socks in bulk. Before adding your custom socks to your cart, simply type in the number of sock you would like to order. The minimum for an order is 12 pairs. If you wish to order more than 250 pairs, please contact us at sales@socksrock.com.