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Cross Sport

Enjoy superior comfort and extreme performance with Socks Rock’s impressive line of basketball, volleyball, and lacrosse socks that are woven using premium-grade materials and designed to offer optimal support to athletes during a super-charged, thrilling game. Perfect for multi-sport athletes who compete in two or more different sports, our selection of cross-sport accessories features stirrups, sanitary socks, and belts in different colors, styles, and patterns, and are therefore suitable for athletes with a diverse taste in fashion and personal style.

Volleyball Socks That Offer Superior Comfort, Vivid Colors, and Optimal Fit

Looking for customized volleyball socks for your team? At Socks Rocks, we have a huge portfolio of sports team socks available. Browse through our range and you are sure to find a pair of good-quality volleyball socks that match your team colors and complement your style. Whether you are looking for socks for a practice session or an important match, we have a selection of plain, as well as funky socks available that will fit everyone’s preferences and budget.

Buy a Pair of Our Lacrosse Socks to Keep Your Feet Warmer and Drier

Equally popular among young, high-school players and professionals, Socks Rock’s collection of lacrosse socks ensure your best performance on the field and in the gym. Made from the highest-quality, breathable fabrics, the socks and stirrups offered by Socks Rock will keep your feet dry and warm during the most rigorous game of lacrosse, enabling you to give the best performance of your life. What’s more, with structured cushioning in high impact areas, the socks will provide comfort where you need it the most and keep your feet protected from bruises and severe sports injuries.

Flaunt Your Sports Team with Style and Elegance

Solidarity is essential to the success of any team, and when it comes to basketball, the importance of teamwork cannot be overemphasized. Socks Rock offers you a unique way to foster a feeling of solidarity among your team players by offering you basketball socks in custom colors and styles. Whether you’re looking for something plain and simple or you want to buy striped socks in colors of your choice, Socks Rock is your one-stop-solution for all types of team socks for baseball, volleyball, lacrosse, and basketball.

All You Need to Be Your Best

Wet socks and cold feet not only impact your concentration and performance but may also affect your health and wellbeing by increasing your risk of sports injuries. At Socks Rock, our objective is to help you improve your athletic performance by offering you the right gear that offers you the perfect combination of style, comfort, and functionality. Made using materials with moisture-wicking ability, our socks absorb sweat, prevent bacterial growth, and help fight foot odor. Go for our standard designs or get basketball socks in custom colors and patterns to keep your feet dry and warm and practice harder and longer!

Try Something the Top Athletes Rely On!

Designed for high-performance volleyball, baseball, basketball, and lacrosse players, our collection of cross-sport accessories offer you a wide range of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a pair of ultra-comfortable and stylish socks for a breast cancer awareness walk or you’re participating in a friendly match organized by your community, you will find the right sports accessories you need to feel comfortable and look stylish.

From team socks for baseball players to lacrosse socks for young players who want to build a career in sports, Socks Rock has something for every athlete. What’s more, to offer you a seamless experience buying sports accessories online, we allow you the flexibility to customize the accessories you choose according to your preferences and style and deliver them right to your doorstep in a short amount of time.

So, browse through our range of socks, stirrups, belts, and other accessories and get ready for another thrilling match!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order cross sport custom athletic socks?

Choose your favorite athletic sock design from an extensive selection of cross sport or multipurpose athletic socks. Ankle, quarter, crew and knee-high socks are suitable for wear during any athletic activity. The hemline of pants, knickers, team uniforms or workout wear may determine the best length for cross sport socks.

What are cross sport socks?

Athletic socks that can be worn during training or competition across a wide range of activities are considered cross sport socks. Some of these styles are designed primarily for particular sports, such as baseball socks, while other styles combine colorful designs with moisture and odor control properties for active wear.

How can I customize sports socks

The type of socks you select will determine which customization options are available. Design choices for some cross sport socks are limited to selecting a size and choice of preset color options. Custom sports socks offer a choice of lengths and can be personalized with colorful accents, logos or text.

When can I wear cross sport socks?

Cross sport socks are comfortable and practical to wear during a variety of activities that range from training, workouts or competitive play. Select colors that are versatile for everyday wear or design custom socks to match a team uniform. Some cross sport sock styles can also be worn under stirrups.

Are cross sport socks the same as sanitaries?

Some cross sport sock styles double as sanitary socks under custom baseball stirrups. The Allsport Sock is a solid color, over-the-calf tube sock sold in combo packages of stirrups and liner socks. If you plan to wear cross sport socks as sanitaries, select socks of the right size and length.