Why Baseball Stirrups Are Better Than Socks March 21 2019, 0 Comments

The debate of baseball stirrups vs. socks has been going on for far too long. Some people are in the camp of socks while the others have decided to side with stirrups. However, there are a few obvious advantages and benefits that the usage of stirrups enjoys over the usage of baseball socks. Here is an account presented for some of such benefits:

The Old School Look

The usage of baseball socks might be “in” today, but the fact remains that people who have watched baseball grow as a game will continue to be in the camp of the 9 inch stirrups. It is because you hardly saw any baseball player not clad in the old school baseball stirrups, back in the old days. The baseball stirrups give baseball players a professional look,  paying respect to the heritage of the game. Regardless of what you might be doing in your life, if you’re connected to the heritage of the thing under question, you are doing something right.

Additional Support

When you speak of the 9 inch stirrups, merely being old school is not reason enough for you to be considering them. It is because they have to offer so much more. One of the major reasons why you should be wearing the old school baseball stirrups to every game and not the casual socks lies in how the stirrups give you some much-needed support. The sanitary socks give you absolutely no support, whatsoever, meaning that you would be more prone to injuries while carrying out your shenanigans in sanitary socks.

Appealing to the Crowd

When you speak of the baseball stirrups, it is a fact that they appeal to the crowd more than the sanitary socks. It is because baseball kits are MEANT to be worn with stirrups; there’s absolutely no question about that. Most of the crowd believes in this fact, meaning that the statuses of the players clad in stirrups are instantly raised in the eyes of the crowd.

When you take it all into perspective, you have got to say that the charm of baseball stirrups cannot possibly be matched by that of the sanitary socks. Regardless of whether you are looking for the 9 inch stirrups or any other size, you can be certain that SOCKS ROCK will have the answer to all of your needs