The Right Way of Putting on Custom Stirrups for Baseball December 14 2018, 0 Comments

When speaking about vintage baseball kits, mention of baseball stirrups ought to come up often as they used to be a mainstay. However, over the course of time, the popularity of baseball stirrups has taken a hit, which is why they have faded out of the picture. When you see current baseball players, you’ll find that many don’t even know how to put on baseball stirrups, let alone be interested to build their own.

Bearing this in mind, we’re here to share how a player is supposed to put on custom stirrups for baseball:

Putting It On

Firstly, roll the lower parts of your pants up to your knees. Next, put on white socks and then pull the stirrups over these sanitary socks. While doing all this, it is essential to note that the top of your stirrup has to be below your knee level. If it is not, it will cause hindrance in your movements, which is something that a baseball player just cannot afford. Because of this reason, it becomes important to build your own baseball stirrups, owing to how it will help you get your perfect size.

The Stirrup Height

However, the job is not done and dusted once you have the stirrup on. You still have to bring the stirrup to a position that is perfect for greatest comfort and benefits. The question that you need to ask yourself, in this regard, is how high do the stirrups need should we wear the stirrups?

Well, the answer to this question tends to vary. The cut out portion of the stirrup can be used for guidance in this regard. You can either choose to wear the cut out portion above your ankle or even above the mid level of the calf. It is completely up to you.

Once the stirrup’s height has been set, the next thing you need to do is pull it up so high that it becomes tight and does not droop at all. This is essential for comfort. If this is not done, you can be certain that your performance will not be the best on the field.

When you take all this into perspective, you will come to the conclusion that building your own baseball stirrups is the way to go. Considering the benefits that they have to offer on the field, baseball stirrups can be o immense help to a player. SOCKS ROCK can help your cause in this regard!