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Baseball stirrups have been a feature of uniforms for decades. Although they are no longer as popular, many players still choose to wear them. However, people who want to achieve that classic look may have trouble figuring out how to wear them properly at first. When worn incorrectly, they can be uncomfortable and even fall down during play.

Baseball Stirrups and How They Work

Stirrups were a staple of uniforms until the mid-1990s. They function as a decorative add-on to the player’s baseball socks. They first came into use because of a belief that the dyes in them could be harmful if allowed to directly contact the skin. Since the dyes of the day were not colorfast, there was a worry that an injury that got dye on it could lead to blood poisoning. Another reason for their use is that the white under sock could be cleaned more easily and swapped out regularly.

The stirrup body is essentially the same as any sports sock. However, instead of a foot at the bottom, there is just a loop that goes underneath the player’s heel.

Initially, stirrups were worn so that the loop under the foot was completely hidden inside the shoe. However, over time the trend came to be that the stirrups were worn higher and the loop made longer. This created the distinctive look that most people associate with stirrups in baseball uniforms.

Today, many professional players opt to wear long trousers instead of stirrups. Some players continue to use the classic sock. Although the official rules make no mention of this, it is understood that MLB players can choose between the two looks.

Beyond decoration, stirrups also add some extra protection for the player’s legs. Like all sports socks, they provide some padding and they protect against impacts and abrasions. Of course, the main reason players wear them is to show their team colors.

How To Wear Stirrups Properly

Putting on stirrups is fairly simple, but it is possible to make some mistakes and cause them to not stay easily in place. Follow these steps:

  • Wear your baseball pants with the legs rolled up to the knee. For most people, it is easier to start like this than to try and put the pants on afterward. However, different players have different techniques that work for them.
  • Put on white, knee-high baseball socks first. Try to pull them up as high and tight as possible. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, they should extend over the hem of your pants.
  • Make sure there are no sagging spots on your stirrups. They should be able to stay in place, but it is important to get them as tight as possible. If they start sagging even after being pulled tight, you likely need to replace them.

Wear your stirrups over loose, knicker pants for a look that replicates the early days of baseball. Alternatively, use tighter baseball pants for a look similar to the 1970s players. In the 1980s, players wore their baseball stirrups under calf-length pants. Whatever style you prefer, you can get a classic look by using stirrups.

Getting Custom Printed Socks and Stirrups

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible To Order Customized Baseball Socks?

Ordering personalized baseball socks is a quick and simple process. Take a look at the customization tools at Socks Rock and play around with the options available to you. With a little time, you’ll be ready to order some totally original socks to brighten up your wardrobe.

What Are Stirrups?

Stirrups are a part of the classic look of a baseball player. Typically, the stirrups are worn over the white baseball high socks that a player wears. Unlike the white of the socks, the stirrups usually showcase the colors of the team and tie the entire uniform together in a very simple manner.

Why Do Baseball Players Wear High Socks?

Like many practices, ball players wear high baseball stirrup socks due to old habits from the past. These days, players both professional and amateur will wear these distinct socks to harken back to the past and days when baseball was a much less complicated sport.

What Are the Best Materials for Baseball Socks?

Though there are many different opinions when it comes to the best materials for baseball socks, there are also a few materials that rise to the top. Polyester, spandex, nylon, or a mixture of all three, tend to be the materials that a majority of players prefer when it comes to socks.

Do Socks Make a Good Team Gift?

If you’re a coach or manager looking to celebrate a season, customized baseball socks are an amazing way to show your team some love. Have the socks personalized with the colors and logo of the team to bring the crew together in a way that encourages team spirit and a sense of accomplishment.