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Plantar Fasciitis Relief Socks (FSPFR) - IN-STOCK

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Plantar Fasciitis Support Socks provide light compression and extra padding to protect the Plantar Fascia. These low-cut compression socks target and help prevent Plantar Fasciitis, foot fatigue, arch pain, heel pain, enhance circulation, and reduce fatigue. Durable and breathable materials were used while making these socks. These socks will endure the demands of daily use while keeping your foot cool and dry. 


  • Low cut Plantar Fasciitis socks provide relief with targeted compression in zones that ease and reduce pain in the arch, heel and Achilles tendon. Designed to provide compression in specific areas of the foot to relieve foot pain.
  • Comfortable, Tight Fit: Designed with a lightweight snug fit, our Plantar Fasciitis relief socks provide targeted compression enhancing circulation, supporting arches, reducing inflammation, and speeding up recovery. The socks hug the contours of your feet to provide optimal support and compression, improving comfort during long periods of wear.
  • Performance and Recovery: These socks will help reduce inflammation, and swelling, reduce fatigue, and speed up recovery all while offering optimal comfort during wear. Great for working out, walking and running. They can be worn for while playing various sports including basketball, golf, pickleball, tennis and more. The compression can help foot fatigue on hikes or outdoor activities. And great for daily wear, especially for people on their feet all day.


  • Targeted Plantar Compression
  • Quilted Padding
  • Moisture Control
  • Odor Control
  • Blister Control
  • Double Welt Top
  • Heel/Toe Design


  • 82% Nylon
  • 10% Spandex
  • 8% Elastic


    6 minimum quantity required
    Shipping Costs:

    • UPS Ground: $25
    • UPS 2 day Express: $50
    • PR, HI, AL: $50 to $70
    • Canada/Mexico: $50
    • International: Varies

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