What to put in a Christmas gift basket November 06 2020, 0 Comments

Being a part of a team can be a powerful experience. There is a sense of pride and protection that comes with being in perfect unison with your teammates while on the field. When the time comes to show appreciation for the athletes who help make the entire experience worthwhile, you want to be sure to put thought behind the decision. Around the holidays, a gift basket can be the best way to show your gratitude. From personalized socks to personal care products, there are plenty of great items to include in your basket.

Whether you’re a coach, captain, or simply a player who wants to end the year on a high note, a gift basket is a great idea. Look over these tips and learn what you should include in your present.

Emphasis on Self-Care Items

The life of an athlete is intense. From long hours on the field to endless days spent practicing alone and with the rest of the team, the body tends to take a beating along the way. Sadly, plenty of athletes forget to take proper care of their bodies when they are not playing. Personal care products aimed at encouraging relaxation can be the best fit in gift baskets. From lotions meant to invigorate the senses to face masks aimed at clearing pores from the buildup caused by sweat, the members of your team will appreciate this bit of pampering.

A Custom Piece

Team spirit is critical for players to exhibit both on and off the field. An easy way to encourage everyone to feel unified is by including custom socks in your gift basket. Socks play a big part in an athlete’s uniform. By customizing socks that feature the colors of your team, you are giving the players a gift that they can put to immediate use. You can even take things a bit farther by personalizing the socks with details for each player. For example, printing the team name and the player’s number on socks, you are creating a unique piece.

Whether you opt to order a bunch of personalized socks in bulk or you create individual pieces for each player, there are many cool ways to go about this process. Explore your options to get a better feel for how fast and easy it is to make socks to include in your holiday gift basket.

Something Practical

You can never go wrong by including a practical gift in the mix. Does your team engage in a high-risk sport where injuries are common? A mouthguard is ideal to include in the baskets, as players likely go through safety gear like this pretty fast. By focusing on gear and other practical essentials, you can include some truly vital gifts in your basket. Team gifts should always follow a theme of being practical or sentimental, as both can help players feel revitalized the next time that they hit the field together.

Showing your team just how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication can be a challenge. Put together the perfect gift basket and it will do wonders. Take a moment to check out the many options available at Socks Rock for personalized socks and get an idea of how easy it is to create unique accessories for your team.