What Is The Difference Between Sport Socks And Normal Socks? August 16 2019, 0 Comments


 Why Sport Socks?

For over a century athletic socks have existed. The baseball stirrup sock, two layers of socks developed for safety reasons, has been a proud tradition of America’s Pastime. Today, many sports have a version of their own sock, from soccer socks that accommodate shin guards to football socks that pass the knee. There are basketball socks so specialized they are actually right/left foot specific.

Safety First

The stirrup sock came about to provide the player with a white sanitary sock that could be changed often, and a colored, sometimes monogrammed, oversock that could help differentiate teams. The sanitary layer was important because in the early 20th century it was thought fabric dyes could pose a health hazard to exposed wounds. Football’s knee sock was meant to protect the player’s legs from turf burns. A basketball sock can have cushioning for the ankle, padding for the ball of the foot and heel, and ribbing for support over the instep. All designed with respect to the jumps, cuts and slides in the basketball player’s footwork.

Moisture Most Important

But the most important consideration is probably moisture. Moisture can be so detrimental that there is a hazardous condition named for sports, Athlete’s Foot. A fungal infection that can cause pain and impair function, clean socks and dry feet are an imperative to keep Athlete’s Foot at bay. The hydrophobic tendency of wool made it the best natural moisture wicking fabric prior to the late 20th century. Now, synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon are superior choices for using the fluid dynamics of capillary action to pull sweat from the body to the evaporative surface of the sock. Whether it’s fungal infection, or infections from excessive rubbing of blistered wounds, foot health for the professional, and amateur, athlete has never been better.

Yay Team!

Modern sock making technology can incorporate all the above mentioned features while manufacturing customized socks. Individual or team expression coupled with specific technical elements has never been easier. Colors, stripes, patterns of all sorts, even team logos can be printed or embroidered on your team’s footwear for a distinct look, building spirit and a stylish identity.

Normal Vs Sport

Normal socks, whether casual or dress, don’t have the considerations sports footwear does. Generally thinner to fit the shoe, and built for an activity level that doesn’t involve considerable sweating or foot traction and movement, normal socks provide a minimal sometimes stylish protection for the foot from the shoe. Using normal socks for active wear could actually be something of a hazard. Using sport socks for casual wear? Maybe that’s overdoing it, or maybe that just being careful.