Track And Running Socks For Awesome Performance September 11 2019, 0 Comments

It’s not just the shoes

Your feet are one of the most important parts of your body. When you’re a runner, that’s even more true. Taking care of your feet is incredibly important, and that means more than just the right shoe. Good socks are also important too.

The 3 C’s

When looking for the right track socks, cushioning, compression, and cloth are what you’re looking for. The impact your foot sustains when running will be reduced by a good shoe, but don’t ignore the contribution of cushioned heel and toe to your foot comfort. Good track socks support your shoe in protecting your feet from damaging impact.
That’s not all they support -- compression weaves help the sock maintain healthy blood circulation, slowing fatigue and aiding in post-run recovery. Compression across the arch and ankle is important in your track socks.

Cloth (well, fabric) is also vital in running sock selection. Cotton, while comfy, does a poor job wicking away moisture from your foot causing blisters. Today’s synthetics have moisture wicking qualities that help keep your feet dry during a sweaty run. The nylon in your Socksrock custom running socks also has anti-microbial properties helping to keep your feet from smelling at the end of a day.

Customizing Your Running Socks

Socksrock computer aided knitting machines will make your custom running socks out of quality moisture wicking yarn, in one of numerous patterns offered for selection, with text you entered and even your uploaded logo woven right into the socks. Whether it’s for your track team, school, sport league, or just for family and friends, the best running socks from Socksrock will have your personal stamp on them. Let everyone who sees you running know who you are!