Top 5 Long Football Socks April 07 2021, 0 Comments

Long socks provide football players with leg protection on the field while displaying team colors and logos. Many teams order socks with custom designs such as color choices, logos or text to add a finishing touch to uniforms. Find out more about five of the most popular styles of customizable long football socks.

Solaris Custom Sock

The Solaris Custom Sock is a high-performance design that is available in knee-high and crew lengths in addition to shorter lengths. If you are looking for long socks with room for a knitted logo, brim and toe text and a striped pattern on the back with up to three custom colors, look no further.

Blaze Custom Sock

Another custom sock designed for football, the Blaze custom pattern has options for text or logos on the front and back of socks as well as brim and toe text. In addition to the base color, a toe and heel accent color and second accent color for the arch and brim stripes are available. Choose from over 20 shades of 100% nylon stretch yarn.

Vitalus Custom Sock

Vitalus socks for football have a distinctive pattern with options for a logo on the front of each sock and text at the brim, toe or on the front. Choose from up to three colors of knitted nylon stretch yarn, including the bottom, secondary and logo accent color. These socks are available in extra-small, small, medium, large and extra large sizes.

Downtown Logo Sock

The Downtown logo crew sock can showcase a logo in your choice of locations over a stylish background. Select a main color along with accent colors for the diamond pattern and upper and lower dots. This crew-length design is made of a high-performance blend of polypropylene, nylon, elastic and Spandex.

Digital Camo Crew Logo Sock

Set off any uniform with the striking camouflage pattern on the back of each Digital Camo Crew sock. Select one of more than 20 colors for the bottom, outside heels and toes of these socks, paired with a choice of black, graphite or white camouflage. Upload a logo and specify where you want team insignia to appear. This sock pattern has a 24 pair order minimum, which can consist of 12 socks in each of your choice of two sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to order long football socks?

Select a pattern based on length and materials or choose from several styles of socks. Most high-performance socks are suitable for football, and specialized football socks are available in ankle, quarter, crew or knee-high lengths for uniforms. Meet the minimum order quantity for a sock style to maximize the value.

Why do football players wear long length socks?

Longer socks can provide leg protection during impact or tackles during practice or games. Professional players often layer socks and a sleeve for a more comfortable fit. Look for high-performance socks that are made of breathable materials and are not prone to getting bunched up or sliding down during play.

How can I customize athletic socks?

Select your favorite base sock pattern and see which options are available for length, bottom and accent color choices and logo placement. Most custom athletic socks made of nylon or a polypropylene and nylon blend are breathable and moisture-wicking, which makes them suitable for intense exercise such as playing football.

What is the minimum bulk sock order quantity?

Most custom socks can be ordered in sets of 12 socks of the same size or 24 socks in a choice of two sizes. Some styles have a total minimum of one dozen, while other sock styles require producing at least two dozen socks in one or two specified sizes. 

How do I order socks for a team?

Select a pattern with color customization options that match team colors. Many custom socks also have the option to feature a knitted or printed logo. The length of socks may affect the overall appearance of a uniform and the comfort and protection this gear provides to players on the field.

Equipping every player on a team with long football socks can allow for matching uniforms and provide individuals with protection. You may prefer over-the-calf or knee-high socks for football games rather than shorter crew, quarter, ankle or no-show athletic socks.