The Real Reason So Many Americans Wear Baseball Caps September 26 2019, 4 Comments

What’s More American?

They say nothing is more American than Mom, apple pie, and baseball. Wearing your Mom or an apple pie on your head would be uncomfortable and look bad, so that makes the baseball cap America’s hat (all apologies to cowboys).

The baseball cap is a wonder of style and utility. The low crown, snug fitting hat stays on when you’re active. The visor (or brim, or peak) shields eyes and the face from sunlight, as well as debris from a work environment. Snapbacks, buckle straps, and velcro closures give easy size variety. Fitted hats and spandex sweatbands make a stylish one-size-fits-most. Breathable materials keep you cool while active, wick away sweat, and shield you from direct sunlight. But most of all, the tradition of logos on baseball caps to identify teams has created a culture of the self-identifying personalized hat.

Who Are You and What’s Your Team?

A skullcap with a visor draws the eye right to the forehead, making it an ideal place for a logo. For well over a hundred years baseball caps identified a player’s team, but today’s hat making technology helps you afford custom baseball hats that not only identify your team, group, company, or family but your own interests, skills, or hobbies. Socksrock makes creating a  personalized hat as easy as uploading your own personal image to the website’s Build-Your-Own order page. Design your own hat as you select colors for the crown, visor, even piping, eyelets, and button. Submit text to be included on the back or sides of the cap. Once you approve your proof, you’ll have your shipment of caps ready to be issued at the next team function. Or from your own personal store as you give fans and followers of your personal brand a means to declare themselves publicly. If you wear hats all the time, why wouldn’t you want to have your own personalized hat?

The baseball cap is a very American expression of comfort in practicality. It’s association with team sports makes it a natural accessory for statement and belonging. Create your own, make Mom proud. And have some pie.