The Perfect School Uniform for Boys June 20 2018, 0 Comments

Nothing beats the sight of a young one all ready for a journey of learning, clad in their school uniform, right? Regardless of how much an individual might take pride in their high school or college; the fact of the matter is that there is something unique about schools and the uniform. From the shirts tucked inside the pants to the old school striped socks, school uniforms have got grace about them. Let’ take a look at what constitutes the perfect school uniform for boys:

The most important part of a school uniform is the school shirt that proudly puts the school monogram for one and all to witness and behold. The best color for the shirt of a school uniform is white, for it goes well with a number of different colored trousers and ties.

You will hardly see a school uniform, nowadays, that does not mandate the students to wear a tie. And why not, for ties have got something about them. Regardless of how good a shirt might be, its appearance gets boosted manifold by the mere presence of a tie. A tie ensures that students are at their best possible appearances before embarking on the journeys of learning.

Trousers are an important part of any dress but the trousers of a school uniform have got their own place. Firstly because they are formal and regardless of what anybody might say, jeans and casual just cannot replace what formal trousers have got to offer. Grey or blue colored trousers go extremely well with white shirts, when it comes to school uniforms. Some students choose to wear knew height shorts as well. For such students the importance of old school tube socks cannot be stressed upon enough.

When you speak of school uniforms, the fact of the matter is that they cannot be completed without good old socks. Regardless of whether a student chooses to go for old school striped socks or old school tube socks, the fact of the matter is that socks complete the school uniform – especially if a student is fond of wearing shorts.

All these components are important, no doubt, but what is more important is for them to be full of quality. If you are looking for quality old school striped socks, SOCKS ROCK has got all of your needs covered!