Socks Rock Awesome Top 5 Custom Socks October 01 2019, 0 Comments

1. Hyperion Custom Sock

The ideal sock for game day, Hyperion custom socks are high-performance athletic socks that can be personalized and ordered in bulk, so everyone on the team can have a matching pair. Choose what colors you want, including the base color and highlight colors along the shins, heel, and toe. Add logos or text to the front or back of the sock and include additional text to the brim or toe. Styles are available in several lengths depending on your needs. Every product is made from 100% nylon stretch yarn, with breathable mesh in select areas and overall moisture control. Extra cushioning on the heel and toe help absorb impact during heavy activity.

2. Featheredge Baseball Sock (BPS-D)

The Featheredge baseball socks completely cover the foot and rise up to the ankle, allowing players to achieve a more traditional look while only needing to wear one pair of socks. This style uses three colored stripes on the calf of the sock, with two thinner lines in a different color bordering each stripe. You can easily customize the color of the bottom of the sock and the stripes. This sock has a heel-toe construction and is composed of mostly polypropylene and also includes elastic, nylon, and Lyrca© spandex. It features ProDRI insulating technology and is infused with Alphasan© to manage odor and bacteria. A double welt top and smooth seams on the toe of the sock promotes comfort. Compression zones are located on the arch and ankle.

3. Packer Stirrup (Pattern F)

For a more traditional look, players can pair traditional stirrup socks with a sanitary sock, which can be added to your order at an additional, low cost. Choose from stirrups cut at a four-inch, seven-inch, or nine-inch length. The pattern of the Packer Stirrup (Pattern F) includes a customizable base stirrup color along with three thick stripes and two thinner stripes with space between each stripe, allowing the base color to show through. Each pair is made from 100% nylon stretch yarn, which has natural moisture-wicking properties and provides both compression and cushioning throughout.

4. Cardinals Stirrup (Pattern I)

Like the Packer Stirrup, the Cardinals Stirrup (Pattern I) is a 100% nylon, stirrup-style sock available in three sizes of stirrup cuts. However, these socks feature a different pattern. On the calf, there are two sets of thick stripes shadowed by two stripes of the same thickness in a different color. Choose from over 40 different color options to create a sock that matches your team colors.

5. Ranger Stirrup (Pattern E)

A third, popular option for stirrup socks, the Ranger Stirrup (Pattern E) are custom printed socks with moisture-wicking properties made from nylon. Compression and cushioning enhance comfort and performance on game day and prevent foot fatigue. Stirrup cuts are available in four, five, seven, or nine inches. The stripe pattern on the sock is simpler, featuring a single extra thick stripe on the calf with two thinner stripes of a thinner color on each side. Customize the colors, cut length, and sock size during the checkout process.