Socks Rock Awesome Top 5 Custom Socks October 01 2019, 0 Comments

Start With America’s Past Time

Four of Socks Rock top custom socks are baseball socks, three being baseball stirrup socks. When looking for socks to outfit your team, remember many of Socks Rock custom socks can be knitted with your team colors, such as the Feather Edge Baseball sock. Three broad stripes of the same color run across the calf with thin stripes of another color shadowing. ProDRI Moisture-wicking fabric with anti-microbials helps reduce sweat and smell. Arch and ankle compression with seamless toe provide comfort and support. This is a single sock that can serve as basic, yet custom athletic socks.

Going Old School

But if your baseball team wants to go traditional with actual stirrup socks, check out our next three choices. The Ranger Stirrup (Pattern E) is decorated with one broad stripe and two thinner stripes above and below. Next comes the Cardinal Stirrup (Pattern I). Two medium-sized stripes are bordered by two stripes each, for a three-color sock. Finally, there is the Packer Stirrup (Pattern F). This design has three broad stripes with two thin stripes in between.

There are over forty colors to choose from for the two different stripes and the base stirrup color, this yields thousands of color combinations allowing the design of your custom athletic socks to be as unique as you’d like. The stirrups come in 4, 7, and 9-inch cuts and all socks are knee-high. The orders do not come with sanitary socks by default, so remember to add those to your order if so desired.

Something Other Than Baseball?

If you’re looking for custom athletic socks for another sport, Socks Rock has you covered. The Hyperion Custom Sock offers similar three color combinations. Computer-aided knitting can include text across the sock top and toe and your logo on the shin.  There are two color choices on the foot and front of the sock with a third on the back of the calf. Cushioning in the heel and the toe along with arch and ankle compression provide protection from impact and stability for the foot, reducing fatigue. Moisture-wicking stretch nylon keeps the foot dry to reduce blisters and control odor. Socks Rock isn’t just about appearance, but also the best foot protection technology for your players.

Sock lengths run from ankle and quarter, to crew and knee-high, covering just about any sport you are outfitting. Start the Build Your Own Process today and complete your team uniform with Socks Rock!