Socks 101: What to Know Before Making Custom Socks April 02 2021, 1 Comment

Many companies and teams have come to recognize the unique appeal of custom socks. Socks intended to be worn by team members, sold to fans or given out in a promotion can increase visibility. Find out how to make the perfect custom design and place a bulk order.

Custom Sock Styles

Base designs make customizing socks easier. Choose from a variety of patterns in any length. Quarter, crew or knee-high lengths are more visible than no-show or ankle socks. You should also factor in color and design choices for custom logo socks.

There are countless ways you can design a pair of socks, so it can be difficult to know where to start. If you don’t have a clear vision in mind, browsing our pre-made custom socks can help give you inspiration. Available in multiple lengths and sizes, we have several socks with stripes, plaid, stars, static, and other designs that can be substituted with the colors of your choice. Depending on the design, some socks already have a section where you can place text of your choice or a team logo.

If you already have a look you know you want that doesn’t fit one of the styles we’ve already put together, you create a custom sock completely from scratch by filling a contact form or contacting us directly. Simply include any graphics you want to appear on your sock and include any specific instructions.

Sizing for Custom Orders

Most custom sock styles are available in a choice of four sizes. Small socks correspond to youth sizes 12 to five and ladies sizes four to seven. Medium socks fit men’s sizes six to nine and ladies sizes seven to 10. Order large socks for mens sizes nine to 12 and ladies sizes 10 to 13. Extra-large socks are ideal for larger sizes.

Custom Sock Materials

Most high-performance socks are either made of 100% nylon stretch yarn or a blend of 77% polypropylene, 17% nylon, 3% elastic and 3% Spandex. Both are breathable, manage moisture and feature compression, cushioning and ProDri antimicrobial properties.

We offer several different yarns and fabrics that each have their own benefits. Our list of materials we use include:

  • Acrylic
  • Cotton
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Coolmax® Polyester
  • Lycra® Spandex
  • Merino Wool
  • Polypropylene
  • There also several technologies that can help increase the performance of your sock:
  • Blister Control
  • Climate Control
  • Compression
  • ProDRI
  • Antimicrobial

The Purpose of Custom Socks

Customized socks can add a finishing touch to team uniforms or function as promotional accessories. You can choose socks that display a logo or text for practically any purpose. Socks that have custom knitted or printed designs are made for comfort and meant for showing off.

Custom Sock Order Quantities

Most custom sock designs are sold in sets of 12 pairs per size. Some styles have a total minimum order quantity of either one dozen or two dozen. If you order 24 socks, you can often specify two dozen of the same size or a dozen socks each in two sizes.

When To Place a Custom Sock Order

It may take one or more days to receive a mockup for approval. Most sock orders will ship in two to three weeks, but certain styles may take up to four weeks to create and ship.

A Budget for Sock Customization

The cost of buying custom performance socks can add up. Buying in bulk makes it possible to get low prices on high-quality materials and designs. Many knitted styles are priced under $10 per pair and printed socks may be priced at about $20 per pair.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order socks with custom designs?

Customize your favorite base sock design with a choice of colors or add logos or text. These designs offer options for customization and you can add specifications for logo placement or other details to the in-cart Instruction Box. Approve a digital mockup and customized socks should ship within 15 days.

What are the best ways to customize socks?

Knitted socks have a traditional look and more than 40 colors of nylon stretch yarn, but knitted logos and text on these socks have a lower resolution than custom printed socks. Dye sublimation can create socks with higher resolution images, logos and text. Choose your preferred sock length and design.

How do I customize socks for a team?

Select your preferred sock style to customize with team colors or a logo. Order the quantity of socks you need to outfit a team, keeping in mind that each member can benefit from having more than one pair of socks. Some styles have 12-pair per size or 24-pair order minimums.

Can I choose a length for customized socks?

Many customized socks are available in lengths that range from ankle up to quarter, crew and knee-high. Check to see which length options are available for your preferred sock design and style. Longer socks may show off more knitted or printed designs depending on the length of clothing or uniforms.

Is it possible to customize sock materials?

Choose from base sock designs made with 100% nylon stretch yarn or a polypropylene, nylon, elastic and Spandex blend. Check the composition of any knitted or printed sock design and select a style that consists of your preferred materials. It may not be possible to modify base sock design materials.

Custom socks add a unique touch to any outfit or team uniform. Choose a style that displays significant colors or a logo.

How Do I Build My Own Custom Socks?

To get started creating your custom socks, you’ll first want to visit our custom socks or custom logo socks pages. From here, you can choose a starting design you like and then make selections based on your preference. Choose the colors you want, add your team logo or any text that you want, and select the sizes you need.

Can I Add My Team Logo to My Socks?

Yes! There are many different ways you incorporate your team logo on your custom printed socks. You can have your business’ or team’s logo spread throughout the designed with our multi logo design or neatly have it displayed on the shins of your baseball socks or soccer socks. Simply provide us with your logo, mascot, or any other graphic you’d like designed and w can knit or print it into the sock.

What Is the Minimum for Ordering?

Generally, we have a minimum of 12 pairs of socks per size and style. We also do not personalize individual socks within this order by adding initials or team numbers. You can order up to 250 pairs using our shopping cart system. Any more than this we ask you to email us your order.

Where Can I Find Athletic Socks?

While we create socks for a variety of purposes, we are dedicated to knitting high-quality customized socks that are ideal for all your athletic needs. We offer a variety of fabrics and technologies that help keep your team's feet cool and comfortable so all members of your team can focus on performing their best.

What Should I Do If I Have a Unique or Complicated Request?

While we offer many templates that you can use as a base for designing your custom socks, we can create something completely new for you if none of these styles meet your needs. We have a contact form you can use for any questions or inquiries you may have. You can always call us at 866-200-2416 or email us at with your request.