Logo Socks-The Ultimate Custom Sock November 21 2017, 0 Comments

Making Your Own Baseball Team Logo Socks  

Do you play baseball? Do you have a small team where you play for fun? Or maybe your institute or company has a team. Whatever the roots of your team may be, you need some basketball team logo socks and a uniform as well. We know that amateur baseball is fun precisely because you can have the fun that you want, but having a uniform only makes things more fun for everyone involved. You can get cheap custom baseball stirrups easily through the Socks Rock website.  

Getting the colors right 

If you want to make the right impact then you need to choose the right colors. If this is the official team of a college, school, or company then you will already have a good idea about what colors to use. Look at the logo their use and see if you can use it for your baseball team logo socks.  When you go to the Socks Rock website, you will see that they have an option for cheap custom baseball stirrups. Click on it and you can begin designing your very own socks. 

The colors are the most important part and it isn’t necessary that your team’s colors will work right. You don’t just have to use the colors your team is known for; you have to use the colors that will look good on socks. 

When you are working on making baseball team logo socks, you will love the preview feature on the Socks Rock website. You don’t have to guess what different colors look like – there will be a stirrup displayed on the left side of the page, which will update every time you change a color from the options. 

This is important because you have to choose a combination of 4 colors. You have to choose the base color of the sock, then the color of the stirrup, then the colors of both the stripe patterns on the socks. Play around with these options a bit and you will realize which designs work and which do not.  

If your team’s colors aren’t working, then don’t fret. You don’t need to put in each and every color from your logo on the socks – you just have to make sure the principal color is there. So make sure that the main color in your logo is also the one that is the most prominent on your socks. 

Designing according to the uniform  

Another mistake which many people make is that they create fantastic socks with great color combinations which don’t go with their uniform at all. You won’t just be wearing the socks on the field; you will be wearing the full uniform. Thus, you need to make sure your socks look perfect with the pants.  

If you really want to make the whole thing work, then make sure your socks and pants are different colors otherwise your socks will just blend in adding a belt in a dominant color can tied the whole uniform together. Go to the Socks Rock website and keep playing with the custom socks tool!