How to Take Care of Your Baseball Socks to Make Them Last March 06 2018, 0 Comments


While Socks Rock has a durable baseball socks collection, you can make your pair last longer with a little bit of care. Whether you have weird socks, funny socks or a simple pair, the following wash instructions can help you make them last for years:


General sock care tips

Keep those toe nails clipped to prevent wear and tear.

  • If socks are moisture-moving, do not use fabric softener on them.
  • Wash socks separately especially for the first few washes.


Specific sock care tips


These were just general tips that can be used to make funny socks and weird socks last for years. Special baseball socks from Socks Rock require special care. Here are some tips for you:


Use a mesh laundry bag


Using this bag will protect your socks from abrasions and prevent lint as well. You can turn them inside out but they may still get lost in the machine. A mesh bag will keep them in one place.


Airdry rather than tumble dry


Socks should be set out to dry in the air to maintain quality. Tumble drying may be faster, but the heat might damage the fibers and reduce elasticity as well. Do you really want your funny socks to get ruined?


Prevent calluses

A callus is a thickening of the skin in an area that experiences friction a lot. It can also be caused by a bone protrusion. As an athlete, you may be susceptible to them and they may be the reason why your funny socks don’t last for long.


The thickened skin can rub against the material causing wear and tear that can lead to irreparable damage. The holes can be patched, but the socks will never be the same after.


To get rid of calluses, take care of those feet by soaking them and moisturizing them daily. A good moisturizer contains urea which works to slough off hard skin. If you don’t have one handy, you can always use a pumice stone to get rid of it. If the calluses are serious, visit a physician to have them removed.


Socks from Socks Rock are made from durable material that will not lose its shape overtime if it is maintained well. Take a look at the vast collection available on the website and choose the ones you need today. Select the size, color and quantity you need easily.