How To Prevent Your Socks From Ripping August 21 2019, 0 Comments

Why Do Socks Rip?

The friction from rubbing between rough spots on feet, untrimmed toenails, and shoes abrades fibers and weakens fabric to the point of tearing. Rough dry spots on feet can catch fibers over and over, especially along the ball of the foot and the heel. Pulling the sock on and off, as well as the action of walking can increase the amount of resulting wear and tear. Untrimmed toenails can saw directly through socks when pressing against the shoe itself. 

Socks Built To Prevent Holes

High quality socks are one way to decrease the chance of holes and tearing. Reinforced toes and heels, even extra cushioning of ankles and pads can help reduce the friction that wears away the fabric fibers. Sport socks today made from the latest stronger synthetic fibers will also resist ripping, increasing the life of a pair. Most custom socks will offer these design and fabric alternatives, in addition to the obvious decorative elements, making custom socks a worthwhile investment in sock life alone.

Foot Care

People will focus on the sock when exploring options to preventing holes. But keeping toenails trimmed can go a long way in keeping the sock fabric from scraping against the toe of the shoe, a major cause of holes. Soft foot pads, maintained by foot lotion and gentle scrubs by pumice stones will give a smoother surface for the sock to move over. When you take your shoes off, take your socks off too. Exposure to air is very healthy for the foot and invigorating for its skin.

Some Other Cheats

While there are other options such as getting bigger shoes (dangerous if your footwear is for active purposes) or doubling up socks (reasonable for dress socks, but too much for thicker athletic socks) for the active lifestyle they just are not feasible. Even using fabric softener can be a problem since the oils that soften the fabric can interfere with the moisture wicking properties of many synthetics, and sweaty feet can contribute to many of the already mentioned causes of wear on the sock.

Quality of sock and quality of foot care; maintain and care for both to maintain, care for, and increase the life of your active footwear!