How to Keep Your Feet Healthy July 10 2020, 1 Comment

At Socks Rock, we are dedicated to helping our customers take care of their feet. With our high-quality, custom socks, your feet will be comfortable, protected and stylish. Of course, great socks alone aren’t enough to keep your feet completely healthy. You also need to take care of them! These are seven tips that will help you protect your feet.

1) Wear Appropriate Shoes

Wearing the right shoes for whatever activity you are doing is one of the best ways to keep them healthy. You wouldn’t wear flip flops on a construction site. So, why pick inappropriate footwear for other uses?

Your shoes should be properly fit to your feet. Don’t squeeze your feet into a pair of shoes just because they look cool. Similarly, don’t wear shoes that are overly loose. If there is any risk of dropping something on your feet, make sure your shoes will protect you. Finally, if you will be on an uneven surface, choose shoes or boots with sufficient ankle support.

Another element of this is only using your own footwear and products. Sharing with a friend or family member can spread infections.

2) Make Sure Your Feet Can Breathe

It is also important to ensure that your footwear is sufficiently breathable. Unless you need waterproof socks and shoes, try to select a material that will allow some air to flow in. This doesn’t mean that there needs to be visible holes, just that the material should breathe gently.

If you have to wear waterproof footwear, make sure to take your shoes off periodically to let your feet air out. If, for example, you are working in a wet are and need waterproof boots, whenever you take a break, take them off to give your feet some fresh air.

3) Always Keep Your Feet Dry

Letting your feet get wet can be a fast path to foot health problems. In particular, you want to avoid letting your feet stay wet for extended periods. Choosing a high-quality pair of custom socks can help with this. Additionally, you should change your socks if your feet start to get wet.

In some cases, you may need waterproof footwear. Balance the need for keeping your feet dry with the need for breathability. As mentioned above, you can always take your shoes off for a little while to let them dry out and let your feet air out.

4) Inspect Your Feet Regularly

Take a look at your feet periodically and look for any signs of issues. A thorough self-exam every week is a good way to identify and address problems. Look for scaling or peeling skin. Additionally, watch for any discoloration of your nails. People with diabetes or who are otherwise prone to foot problems should inspect their feet every day.

Also, if you are on your feet a lot working, hiking or otherwise staying active, slip off those custom socks and take a brief moment to inspect your feet. Look for injuries or other signs that feet need a rest.

5) Don’t Ignore or Cover Up problems

In a similar vein, don’t just ignore or try to cover up any problems. If your feet look ugly, especially the nails, don’t simply put on a nice pair of socks or some polish. Instead, deal with the problem promptly.

A lot of people are overly cavalier with their foot health. However, problems such as athlete’s foot, fungus and ingrown toenails won’t go away by themselves. They require treatment. Furthermore, taking care of them early and effectively will improve your long-term results. In short, prioritize your feet and their health.

6) Trim Toenails Properly

It is also a good idea to keep your toenails in good order. Letting them grow too long can cause them to get caught or otherwise damaged. Additionally, it can make the toes of your footwear less comfortable.

However, cutting too close to the skin of dramatically rounding the corners can increase the chance of getting an ingrown toenail. Instead, cut straight across a short distance from the skin. This will lead to healthier and stronger nails and protect your toes.

7) Get Help With More Serious Problems

If you have a serious issue with your feet, make sure to see a doctor about them. Don’t attempt to perform at-home surgery on an ingrown nail or callus. While you can find over-the-counter treatments for fungus, don’t hesitate to see the doctor if the problem persists. Your feet aren’t worth risking over pride or potential inconvenience. Take care of your feet; they are the only two you have.

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