Every Team needs Krazisox! November 17 2017, 0 Comments


Know what your amateur baseball team needs? Weird socks!

We love amateur baseball for the exact opposite reasons that we love baseball. Baseball is a game of statistics and figures – amateur baseball is all about having fun. We love the casual atmosphere of the games, the banter that goes on between players, the fun the audience has roasting and supporting the players and much more.  

If you have an amateur league baseball team and you have been thinking about how you can make it more fun, we have the perfect idea for you: weird socks! That is right, all you need is to add some funny socks to your uniform and you’ll instantly make the environment zanier. 

Socks with Personality  

Here’s the problem with baseball socks: they all look the same. Seriously, their colors may be different, but that is where the variety seems to end. That is perfectly fine for professional baseball teams. After all, baseball is all about tradition, and keeping the traditional design for socks in professional games makes sense.  

However, amateur players don’t need to be so serious about everything. The whole point of playing baseball for fun is to have fun, and where is the fun in restricting the types of socks that you can wear?  

So the next time you need something to cover your feet during a baseball game, pick some weird socks.  Get some socks that have rainbow stripes all over them. You can get something in neon or you can get socks with psychedelic art. There’s no limit once you have decided that you want funny socks.  

You will be delighted to see the many different socks made by the designers over at Socks Rock. They even have tie dye socks available for sale; it doesn’t get any better than that when it comes to socks. You can also get the classic polka dot pattern socks. 

Customizing these socks  

One great thing about Socks Rock is that their customization service isn’t restricted to the professional looking socks – it is available for weird socks as well. You can get customized socks with a candy stripe pattern on them. You can pick your three favorite colors and assign one to the sock, one to the top and  middle stripes, and one to the remaining stripes. You can also get plain neon socks in many different eye popping colors.  That’s not all – you can also get Zebra pattern socks customized to have the colors that you need. You pick a color for the sock and a color for the zebra pattern and voila! Your fun socks are ready to be delivered to you.  

Seriously, imagine you go to play baseball and the other team walks out wearing neon yellow and red zebra pattern socks; wouldn’t it be a great sight? It would be even better if you were the team walking out wearing the most outlandish socks anyone has seen in the amateur league.