Dressing Your Youth Baseball Team April 02 2021, 0 Comments

Coaches or equipment managers may be tasked with dressing young baseball players in uniforms. It is important to account for every element of a uniform, and there are many options available. Most uniforms consist of jerseys, shirts or vests worn with knickers or pants and either sanitaries and stirrups or youth baseball socks.

Here are five helpful tips for dressing any youth baseball team.

1. Get Age-Appropriate Gear

Young baseball players benefit from age-appropriate equipment. For example, youth baseball players may appreciate the grip provided by cleats made with hard plastic or rubber protrusions. Younger T-ball players may be able to just wear standard athletic shoes, and older players can start wearing metal cleats.

It may also be possible to size uniforms to fit growing players. Ordering pants slightly longer can be a good bet, as rolling cuffs up is more comfortable than trying to play in pants that no longer fit. Ordering extra medium or large socks could be another way to anticipate the needs of youth teams.

2. Plan Ahead To Offer a Size Run

It can be helpful to have a selection of uniform garments on hand during in-person team registration. Even if these garments are not customized, sample uniforms can be helpful for determining the size distribution for a bulk order.

Anticipating the size of custom baseball socks can be easier, as sock sizes correspond to shoes. Players who wear youth shoe sizes 12 to five can wear small socks, while medium-sized socks fit players who wear men’s sizes six to nine. Players with shoe sizes up to a men’s 12 can wear large socks, while extra-large socks fit larger sizes.

3. Account for Care and Wear

Experts often recommend selecting darker uniform colors to reduce the visibility of dirt and stains. Pants may be an exception, as it is easier to replace plain gray or white pants than custom designs.

Socks can be a more affordable outlet for customization. Place a bulk order in a sufficient quantity to replace worn out footwear and keep team members’ feet comfortable and dry during every inning.

4. Focus On Comfort and Protection

The garments an equipment manager chooses should keep players comfortable on the field. Pants and socks should shield players’ legs from abrasion during dives and slides and also be breathable.

While darker uniforms can be less likely to show stains, black jerseys absorb sunlight and could cause players to overheat on the field. It may also be helpful to select undershirts to account for lower temperatures.

5. Customize Youth Baseball Socks

Socks are some of the most affordable uniform components to buy in bulk. Coaches and equipment managers may want to order a large quantity of socks in a distribution of sizes that fits every player on the team.

Sliding into bases can wear socks out faster than jerseys. Each player should have access to multiple pairs of socks designed to match team uniforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order team socks for youth baseball?

Browse a large selection of baseball socks and see options to customize any design. Most baseball socks fit over the calf. Customize color options and meet the minimum order quantity for socks to fit players of any age. Many styles have a minimum order quantity of twelve pairs per size.

Which sock sizes fit young players?

Small socks fit youth sizes 12 to five. Medium socks are a good choice for men’s sizes six through nine. Players who wear men’s sizes nine to 12 should wear large socks, while larger footwear sizes call for extra-large socks. Younger players tend to wear small, medium or large socks.

What are some options to customize socks?

Most sock patterns offer several color choices, including the bottom and accent colors for designs that appear on each sock. Some styles of socks may also offer options to include knitted or printed text or logos. It is not possible to personalize individual pairs of socks within a bulk order.

How do I choose team colors for socks?

Choose from over two dozen colors of nylon stretch yarn and nearly thirty shades of socks that are made of a blend of polypropylene, elastic, nylon and Spandex. Most custom sock patterns have a customizable bottom color in addition to a choice of colors for other elements of a design. 

Can I get stirrups in youth sizes?

Most stirrups are available in a small size for players between the ages of six and 11. Medium stirrups are preferable for older players between ages 12 and 15. Players ages 16 or older may prefer large or extra-large stirrups. Stirrups are intended to be worn with sanitaries or socks.

Baseball uniforms have several customizable components. When choosing jerseys, pants and youth baseball socks, equipment managers and coaches should look for ways to build team identity and make players stand out on the field.