Can you customize socks? March 02 2020, 1 Comment

Modern Technology And Socks

With computer aided knitting, dye-sublimated printing, online ordering and modern delivery custom socks have never been more affordable or easier to make. Customized socks can have any number of design variations making choice greater than ever before.

Why Custom Socks

People like variety, enjoy standing out. Even with a team logo stitched on, socks can be a little bland or boring. But adding so much as some geometric shapes to your socks’ knit can make a pair pop right out. And just because you’re adding design to your socks doesn’t mean you can’t have the benefits of arch compression zones and heel and toe cushioning. Your eye-catching custom socks will help your feet feel good.

Knitted Is Not The Only Option

Custom printed socks can really add to your footwear design. The sublimation process allows for a clearer, more detailed image on your sock than even knitted can provide. A high resolution photo can be the base for some radical footwear design. And this is not just talking about logos, though your team logo will definitely stand out. Backgrounds can cover the calf or even the entire foot and calf. Striking color, detailed images all available on regular or even compression fit options. Nothing looks or feels better.

Socks Rock Build Your Own Process can take you through ordering your attention-grabbing, comfortable and supportive customized socks today!