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Product Description:

This fastpitch solid color ribbon stirrup has an accent color edge, with either a 12" or 15" stirrup/ribbon cut, and can be custom made for you in a variety of body & edge trim colors.

*Because there is no foot on this product, we recommend ordering the following sizes, rather than using the shoe/sock size chart:

Ages 12-15 years: MEDIUM (Stirrup measures approx. 17", laying flat) with a 12" cut length

Ages 16+, or Jr. Varsity and Varsity: LARGE (Stirrup measures approx. 19", laying flat) with a 15" cut length. 

(The OverEdge stirrup can be also made with 4", 7" and 9" cut lengths. If you desire a cut shorter than 12/15" please make note of this in the Instruction Box, located in your cart.)


  • 100% Nylon

Optional Sanitary Sock Design & Contents:

  • Tube Construction
  • Double Welt Top
  • Smooth Toe Seam
  • 95% Polyester, 5% Elastic

Care Instructions:

  • SOCKS ROCK products are best preserved when machine washed and dried on low heat.
  • Launder inside out to prevent pilling and fuzzing.

Traditional nylon baseball stirrup in solid color options; 

 stirrup sizes 

 Custom OverEdge Stirrup order OverEdge Stirrup custom shipping

OverEdge Stirrup - (OE)