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Scholarship Contest


Socks Rock Scholarship Essay Contest

Socksrock.com is the industry-leading provider of customizable sportswear.  At its core, our team is comprised of sport lovers.  We are passionate about the games as well as those who partake in them.  We believe that passions and dreams should be pursued without the interference of financial means. This is why Socks Rock is excited to announce the “Socks Rock National Scholarship Contest.”  The selected winner will receive $1500 to contribute to his or her educational pursuits. 

Who Can Apply?

Any current full-time student attending an accredited two or four-year American college or university is encouraged to apply.  There are no age or major requirements.

How to Apply?

  1. Select your favorite social media outlet (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube or blog)
  2. Film a video or write a short essay addressing the following prompt:

What does team spirit in sports mean to you?

Use the following questions to help guide your responses:

  • What are some ways to enable sports teams to cooperate and work well together? 
  • How do custom uniforms and accessories enhance the feeling of camaraderie among team members?

Please share examples of experiences when custom uniforms amplified team spirit.

  1. You may post on more than one social media outlet
  2. If you choose to write a short essay, it must have a maximum of 300 words
  3. If you choose to film a video, it must be 1-minute in length
  4. Any photos shared must be original
  5. Post your entry or entries on your own blog or social media handles
    1. Blog Submissions: at the end of your blog post, include a clickable link to https://www.socksrock.com and then email us a link to the blog post
    2. Facebook and Google Plus Submissions: copy and paste this at the beginning of your essay socksrock.com
    3. Instagram Submissions: mention @socksrockofficial in the caption
    4. YouTube Submissions: In video description add a clickable link to socksrock.com
  6. Share your posts and encourage engagement as traction generated through likes, shares or comments are used as one of the determining judging factors.
  7. Submit and sign a signed content contribution agreement to customerservice@socksrock.com
    1. Emails must include:
      1. Full name
      2. Email address and phone number
  • School, major and graduation date
  1. Your student ID number and address to your institution’s Financial Aid Office, where your award will be sent.
  2. Links to the social post(s) made

For eligibility, ALL guidelines must be met:

  • Deadline for Submission:

For the Fall Semester: The essay submission deadline is 11:59 PM EST on August 15th

For the Spring Semester: The essay submission deadline is 11:59 PM EST on January 5th

  • Award amount:
    • Two awards totaling $3,000 will be distributed annually. One recipient will be awarded $1500 each semester.
  • Selection Process and Notification:
    • The Sock Rock Scholarship Committee will thoroughly review all submissions and select a winner. The winners will be announced on August 31st and January 26th on the Socks Rock website, social channels and through a Press Releases.  The winners will also be notified by phone or email
    • The awarded funds are to be used for tuition and books only. Once a winner is selected, the check will be sent to the financial aid office of the winner’s institution and credited to the corresponding term. Each winner is only permitted to win the scholarship once in their lifetime.
  • Questions?