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About Socks Rock

Socks Rock #1 Online Store for Custom Socks, Custom Stirrups and Custom Hats

The partners of Socks Rock have over 40 years of experience in the sporting goods industry. Socks have become an integral part of the players' identity and the team uniform. We are experts in outfitting teams from knee to toe. Socks Rock has always looked out for their customers in terms of quality and affordability. Our customer-centric approach has enabled us to form long lasting relationships with several educational institutions and organizations.

We Have Gained the Trust of Several Athletes, Coaches, Teams, and Fans

Socks were one of the first products Socks Rock introduced. Gradually, we expanded our collection to include durable and high quality hats from our Hats Rock collection, leather and elastic belts, and stirrups. Our custom team sports socks have adorned the feet of athletes, coaches, entire teams, and even fans of sports teams.

Customize Your Own Hat and Sock is the Reason for Our Popularity

Socks Rock and Hats Rock offers you the option to customize your own hat and socks. Our Socks Rock and Hats Rock collection provides you with options to choose the design, color, size, and logo. We offer several designs of both socks and hats that you can select to personalize. For instance, we have baseball socks with stripes and embroidered baseball caps.

You can change the color of the stripes on the socks and change the color of the visor, crown, piping, button, and eyelets of the hat. You can add logos and text to the socks and hats. We have perfected the art of custom team sports socks and hats!

With Us, What You See is What You Get!

We have incorporated state-of-the-art technology into our site to make the process of designing socks and hats seamless and efficient. By using our advanced technology to design custom baseball stirrups and hats, you get to see what you are creating as you create it.

For instance, you pick the color green for the custom baseball stirrups, the drawing on the screen will change before your eyes. You can select several different color combinations and only place your order once you are satisfied with the image drawn up on the screen.

Before You Begin to Design Your Dream Socks and Hats, Let Us Give You a Quick Run Down of Our Personalized Socks and Hats Service

Here is what you need to know about our personalized socks and hats service:

  • Quantities, Colors, and Sizing – Read each product description.
  • Minimums – The minimum quantity is per pattern, size, and color.
  • In Stock and Custom – You will not find any Build Your Own or Custom products in our collection. You can customize items that do not mention “In Stock” in the product’s title.
  • Quantities – All the quantities you see refer to pairs (1 = one pair of socks).
  • Purchase Order – Sock Rock and Hats Rock accepts purchase orders as well as checks from schools, universities, colleges, and organizations. The step-by-step payment instructions inform you on how you can use a check to place the order. If deemed necessary, we reserve the right to instruct you to pay by credit card or PayPal.
  • International Orders – We ship socks, hats, and belts to selected countries located outside the United States. To find out the estimated shipping costs, please add the items to your cart.

What Are You Waiting for? Put on Your Artist Cap On and Start Creating!

Work your magic by creating customized socks and hats. If you have any questions our Customer Service department can be reached via the following means of communication:

  • Phone Number - 1(866) 200-2416
  • Fax number - 1(866) 931-1268

  • SMS Updates - (832) 403-2338
  • or you can send us an Emailhere

Our customer service department will contact you within 12 to 24 hours. We may even get in touch with you before that!