Wear your heart on a Hat November 09 2017, 0 Comments

How you can customize hats to your heart’s desire... 

There’s nothing quite like a hat you get custom made for your team. These custom caps are usually for sports teams – you can have them made for your amateur teams, your college or school teams, or any sports team whatsoever. With the new Socks Rock’s Hats Rock section, you are now getting the option to get premium quality customized hats made. These are not like the normal hats you can get custom made from no-name websites – the quality and making of these is miles beyond almost all of the competition. Here are the different types of hats you can customize: 

Flat Visor  

When it comes to the visor, what is ‘in’ keeps changing, so much that you can pretty much wear a flat visor or a curved visor without it ever looking out of fashion. If you want the flat visor look, you should go with these hats. These custom caps have a very sleek look and work great with team uniforms that have a modern look to them. 

Curved Visor  

There was a time when flat visors were the norm, but curved visors never went away. They could never go away; they are simply too iconic. Then there is the fact that holding a curved visor in your hands and folding it a bit is a common pastime of most of us who wear hats. We have no idea why it is so satisfying to do. You can even see baseball players do it during games.  

MLB Hats  

Major Leaguers have their own unique style of hats, and these are iconic in their own way. Your team’s logo over this customized hat will instantly have a classic and prestigious look. Just make sure that your logo goes together well with the classic aesthetics of this hat style.  

Breathable Hats  

If you will be wearing these hats while you play games or if you live in an area that is unreasonably warm, you should look into hats that allow air to pass through them. They will not make your head sweat and they will also not show sweat lines. You can get these hats in a variety of different styles.  

What you can customize  

Once you have chosen the type of hat that you want you get to decide how to customize it. You have to pick a color for the crown, the visor, the button, the eyelets, and the piping. Make sure you pick a tasteful combination of colors. Then you can add a logo to the front, the back, and the sides. Note that on some designed logos can only be added in the front and back – you will see a notice about this on the product page. 

Once you are happy with the results, simply place an order and you will have your customized hats in a few weeks. That is all it takes.