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Socks Rock Awesome Top 5 Custom Socks October 01 2019, 0 Comments

1. Hyperion Custom Sock

The ideal sock for game day, Hyperion custom socks are high-performance athletic socks that can be personalized and ordered in bulk, so everyone on the team can have a matching pair. Choose what colors you want, including the base color and highlight colors along the shins, heel, and toe. Add logos or text to the front or back of the sock and include additional text to the brim or toe. Styles are available in several lengths depending on your needs. Every product is made from 100% nylon stretch yarn, with breathable mesh in select areas and overall moisture control. Extra cushioning on the heel and toe help absorb impact during heavy activity.

2. Featheredge Baseball Sock (BPS-D)

The Featheredge baseball socks completely cover the foot and rise up to the ankle, allowing players to achieve a more traditional look while only needing to wear one pair of socks. This style uses three colored stripes on the calf of the sock, with two thinner lines in a different color bordering each stripe. You can easily customize the color of the bottom of the sock and the stripes. This sock has a heel-toe construction and is composed of mostly polypropylene and also includes elastic, nylon, and Lyrca© spandex. It features ProDRI insulating technology and is infused with Alphasan© to manage odor and bacteria. A double welt top and smooth seams on the toe of the sock promotes comfort. Compression zones are located on the arch and ankle.

3. Packer Stirrup (Pattern F)

For a more traditional look, players can pair traditional stirrup socks with a sanitary sock, which can be added to your order at an additional, low cost. Choose from stirrups cut at a four-inch, seven-inch, or nine-inch length. The pattern of the Packer Stirrup (Pattern F) includes a customizable base stirrup color along with three thick stripes and two thinner stripes with space between each stripe, allowing the base color to show through. Each pair is made from 100% nylon stretch yarn, which has natural moisture-wicking properties and provides both compression and cushioning throughout.

4. Cardinals Stirrup (Pattern I)

Like the Packer Stirrup, the Cardinals Stirrup (Pattern I) is a 100% nylon, stirrup-style sock available in three sizes of stirrup cuts. However, these socks feature a different pattern. On the calf, there are two sets of thick stripes shadowed by two stripes of the same thickness in a different color. Choose from over 40 different color options to create a sock that matches your team colors.

5. Ranger Stirrup (Pattern E)

A third, popular option for stirrup socks, the Ranger Stirrup (Pattern E) are custom printed socks with moisture-wicking properties made from nylon. Compression and cushioning enhance comfort and performance on game day and prevent foot fatigue. Stirrup cuts are available in four, five, seven, or nine inches. The stripe pattern on the sock is simpler, featuring a single extra thick stripe on the calf with two thinner stripes of a thinner color on each side. Customize the colors, cut length, and sock size during the checkout process.

Custom Knitted Socks Or Printed Socks, Which Is Right For You? September 30 2019, 0 Comments

Printed Socks vs Sublimated Socks

Choices, Choices, Choices!

Modern technology has made customizing socks easier and more fun than ever. The options are limitless, but with so many options can come a little decision paralysis. Which exact options are good for you? When choosing between custom knitted or custom printed socks both have their particular strengths.

Knitted Socks vs Printed Socks

What Are The Differences?

Computer-controlled precision needles and optical sensors are key to the manufacture of knitted socks. Not merely an emblem embroidered onto an existing sock, today’s socks can actually have your logo or text knitted into the very fabric making the sock! Your digitally submitted design will be customized to suit your sock choice, then the knitting machine does the rest, made right to order.

Sublimation printing involves having your submitted image composed on specialized paper that is used to print the image to the fabric of your sock. Like an old school iron-on, but far more sophisticated, a heat press at a temperature of 400 degrees transfer your image onto the sock, putting your image right on your footwear.

What Are You Looking For?

Are you outfitting your sports team or customizing socks for your friends, family, workplace, or business? Consider all the factors that contribute to the makeup and design of your sock. Knitted socks offer a classic look even as they accommodate your team logo, colors, and even text. A wide selection of sock lengths made this a better choice for the various requirements of different sports. The sock knit will also have less distortion of your image when your sock is worn. Your yarn options include antimicrobial and moisture control, something critical for intense activewear like baseball, football, or basketball. And Socksrock has many exclusive styles all ready to incorporate your text and logo.

Sublimation printed socks have a greater range for design, colors, logo, text, and are even capable of utilizing picture images. You get calf only or full sock prints in striking color with eye-popping detail!  Style may be limited to knee-high and crew, you do have compression sock or regular fit options. Printed socks have a sleeker feel on the foot, due to the reduction of fuzz and yarn.

So for intense activewear consider knitted. Your customization options are impressive and Socksrock will create a sock that helps take care of your foot. For dazzling design, a striking, detailed print to advertise your business or just get people talking, Socksrock printed socks will get you the attention you’re looking for.

Baseball Socks- A Brief Timeline June 19 2017, 0 Comments

Have you ever wondered how teams got names like White Sox” and "Red Sox" if the socks aren’t even visible today? If you are a baseball fan you might have heard last year that the Major League Baseball has its own custom logo socks provider.  

Let’s have a look at the brief timeline of custom logo socks so that the next time you need to outfit your team with custom socks you will know how the socks have evolved over time: 

1840s and 1850s 

During this time the baseball teams used to wear long wool trousers that completely cover their socks.










The first knickers were introduced by the Cincinnati Club team that showed  the red socks of the players. It became so famous that the team changed their name to Cincinnati Red Stockings.



Late 1800s through early 1900s 

The knicker look became popular with the most successful teams. 

Circa 1910 

Colorfast dyes were not invented during this time and they had started resulting in infections and poisoning because of the wounds that the players had. The only solution at that point was to wear white under socks that were known as sanitary socks


1940s, 1950s and 1960s 

  During this time, players started pulling their stirrups higher that made the sanitary socks so visible that their ratio with colored socks was even.  





Late 1960s 

People started cutting the bottom of the stirrups and started sewing the fabric in. This caused an imbalance in the color-to-white ratio and caused the white to become more prominent.  

1970s and beyond 

Several custom logo socks were made during this era. Manufacturers responded to the demand and offered stirrups that had large openings that lead to the development of the ribbon stirrup, which was a solid color sock with contrasting strip of fabric down the side. The Ribbon Stirrups is still in high demand today.  


Coach Bill Wilhelm made all his players wear long pants that hid the socks. The style was known as "Clemson Cut" and was not noticed by fans or by many involved with baseball. 

1980s and 1990s


The socks changed from mostly colored to mostly white, so the players decided that moving their pants up was no longer needed. Trendsetters Ron Darling (Mets pitcher) and George Hendrick (Cardinals outfielder) were high profile players that implemented this style.



Long pants became the fashion as well as the rule except for the players that wanted to stand out and be unique. Knickers have made a tremendous comeback for the Major leagues all the way down to Little leagues you can see players embracing what is considered the true look of baseball.  


We have made it our mission to help outfit teams for the look they want to achieve. We offer the highest quality sock on the market that will last your team for years. Let us know how we can help your team. 

Want to get your own custom logo socks? Why not get in touch with the best custom sock shop by clicking here.