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Other Than Baseball, Which Sport's Uniforms Have Belts? November 04 2019, 0 Comments


The Belt?

Baseball belts are not as iconic as the stirrups for baseball socks or the celebrated ball cap. And while the cap has become ubiquitous in activewear and no other sport utilizes the stirrup oversock, somewhere in between lies the humble belt.

What Other Sport?

Football is the one sport that comes to mind when thinking of belts. The elastic waistband that suits even the most active sports like basketball is insufficient for football. Tackles, falls, slides all necessitate stronger support than elastic can provide. Interesting note, the aggressive nature of physical contact makes the convention buckle dangerous; football belts secure using d-rings.

Time honored sports like cricket, tennis, rugby, lacrosse all have abandoned the belt for the elastic waistband. Fencing uses suspenders. Not so for officiating uniforms though. Most referees’ uniform pants are belted. One sport that uses the belt, unbeknownst to the spectator? Hockey!

Wait, what?

Baseball socks have the classic stirrup or two-in-one false stirrup stripe. Lacrosse has, and soccer can have, over the knee socks that protect the legs. Hockey also has over the knee socks for leg protection, but their socks tend to be a little looser, so to secure them hockey players use -- a garter belt. That’s right, those rough-and-tumble ice sliders who always have time to stop a game for a bit of slip and slide fisticuffs wear garters to hold up their socks.

So when asked about iconic sports uniform elements most will certainly answer baseball socks or caps before belts, and not many other sports use them. When looking for customizable outfits, few will need to consider the belt as opposed to jerseys or even custom socks. But if you do need to outfit your baseball team with uniform belts, Socks Rock offers matching belt and sock combos for your convenience.

What Are The Steps To Digitize A Logo For Embroidery? October 15 2019, 0 Comments

Embroider a logo on a custom hat

As Easy As 1 - 2 - 3!

Companies like Socksrock (and Hatsrock) offer more options than ever to make your own custom activewear. With computer-aided design and manufacturing, low minimums and inexpensive shipping enable you to outfit a team of as few as a dozen players.

What Goes Into A Custom Embroidered Hat?

When going through the Build Your Own process at Hatsrock, your first selection page will be hat style and fabric. Pro Wool Universal Fit will give you that Major League look. The M2 Performance fabric comes with anti-microbial properties that resist odor and sweat stains. Universal fit has a spandex sweatband that adjusts to your head size, or you can get the velcro strap. Get a “street” look with a flat brim. Hatsrock even make visors.

Remember Your Colors And Then Upload

With over 150 colors in the color chart to choose from, you should have no problem matching your team colors. Basic black and white, as well as varieties of yellow, green, on through reds, blues, purples, greys and more. After selecting your crown color you can choose visor, eyelets, piping and even a different color for the button.

Lastly, upload your logo. A high res image is best, and computer-aided embroidery technology stitch your logo right on the front of your custom embroidered hat.

What About Socks?

The Build Your Own Process is the same for custom embroidered socks. Socksrock will custom knit socks in a variety of patterns and colors that can accommodate any sport choice, including baseball stirrups! Length from ankle to over the knee, choose anti-microbials to reduce moisture and blistering, and enter text and upload your logo. A digital mock-up will be emailed to you within a day or two to proof your design. After approval allow 3-6 weeks for manufacture and shipment. Then get ready to debut your custom logo socks; your team, club, family or friends will have their own activewear and you to thank for it.

What Are The Best Mens Socks October 08 2019, 0 Comments

What Does He Need Socks For?

When considering socks for men, first decide what kind of socks, dress, casual, or activewear. Dress socks used to be the providence of conservative design, with light fabric to fit in dress shoes. Now, dress socks can have more flair, even being custom socks personalized for the modern corporate worker. They can often be found made with comfy cotton fabric and the monogrammed sock is a favorite male custom sock. Striped, polka dot, the ever classic argyle styles are typical design as well as the logo covered sock.

Dress for Success at Home and on the Field

There isn’t a great deal of difference between today’s dress socks and casual socks. Cut is one, with casual socks going beyond the dress socks calf length. Fabric is another as casual socks can incorporate many of the moisture wicking technology of today’s activewear, making casual socks a little more suitable for activity. Comfort will also be considered with some cushioned casual socks.

You will really hit your stride with activewear though. The very best in comfortable, hygienic synthetic fabrics combined with cushioned ball of the foot and heel as well as arch and ankle compression support make a quality athletic sock nearly as important as a shoe!  Sport socks can also accommodate any league, team, group or company workplace with custom socks. Logo socks can be printed or knitted. Upload your personal design to the custom manufacturer, like Socksrock, who will use the latest in computerized knitting and printing to make whatever sock you need. From no shows, ankle, crew and over-the-knee socks, to baseball stirrups, whatever socks a man could need can be personalized just for him.

Not Just Knitted

Dye sublimation printing allows a high-resolution picture of any kind to be applied to the very best moisture wicking, odor control, anti-microbial socks available. Custom printed socks, whether sport or corporate, can have a seamless toe, and cushion and compression, allowing men to make their statement in comfort as well as style.

What will that man be wearing the socks for? Consider the environment, statement, comfort and health when considering the best socks.

Why did knee-high socks become so iconic? October 08 2019, 0 Comments

How long have knee high socks been around?

If you include foot wraps, knee high socks have been around since the ancient Romans and their wraps worn under sandals in colder climes. “Hose” worn with kilts and wool socks worn with lederhosen (in the 20th century anyway, original lederhosen socks were in two parts) are also famous fashion images, not to mention the hose worn by the Founding Fathers in all those paintings.

But probably the most iconic images of knee high socks come from the 1960s during the age of the miniskirt. If kids weren’t wearing gogo boots with their miniskirts, then chances were good they were wearing knee high socks. One carryover from that time is the schoolgirl uniform, notable in modern Japan, as well as the traditional Catholic school uniform (which is now dated). But knee high socks weren’t just for fashion.

Protect the legs

Many sports uniforms use knee highs for their athletic socks. Volleyball, soccer, and football, in particular, have high socks to guard against slides across the court or turf. Knee high socks are useful for supporting shin guards in soccer especially. Good quality athletic socks will offer cushioning, moisture-wicking fabrics, as well as compression stitching for arch and ankle support.

Why Stop There?

Socks Rock offers not just a full array of athletic socks but also will personalize them for you. Knitted or heat sublimated full print custom socks are available for ordering. Have your team logo embroidered on your knee highs for everyone to see. Get your team motto knitted into your uniform sock. Socks Rock can do it all. If you don’t have any uniform needs and just want to make socks for your company, family, or any group event, Socks Rock will have the knee high socks just for you. Argyle, candy-striped, spotted, solid and more are among the many styles you can choose from. Custom socks are what Socks Rock does and does well, make sure to check out the Build Your Own process and get outfitted now.

Socks Rock Awesome Top 5 Custom Socks October 01 2019, 0 Comments

Start With America’s Past Time

Four of Socks Rock top custom socks are baseball socks, three being baseball stirrup socks. When looking for socks to outfit your team, remember many of Socks Rock custom socks can be knitted with your team colors, such as the Feather Edge Baseball sock. Three broad stripes of the same color run across the calf with thin stripes of another color shadowing. ProDRI Moisture-wicking fabric with anti-microbials helps reduce sweat and smell. Arch and ankle compression with seamless toe provide comfort and support. This is a single sock that can serve as basic, yet custom athletic socks.

Going Old School

But if your baseball team wants to go traditional with actual stirrup socks, check out our next three choices. The Ranger Stirrup (Pattern E) is decorated with one broad stripe and two thinner stripes above and below. Next comes the Cardinal Stirrup (Pattern I). Two medium-sized stripes are bordered by two stripes each, for a three-color sock. Finally, there is the Packer Stirrup (Pattern F). This design has three broad stripes with two thin stripes in between.

There are over forty colors to choose from for the two different stripes and the base stirrup color, this yields thousands of color combinations allowing the design of your custom athletic socks to be as unique as you’d like. The stirrups come in 4, 7, and 9-inch cuts and all socks are knee-high. The orders do not come with sanitary socks by default, so remember to add those to your order if so desired.

Something Other Than Baseball?

If you’re looking for custom athletic socks for another sport, Socks Rock has you covered. The Hyperion Custom Sock offers similar three color combinations. Computer-aided knitting can include text across the sock top and toe and your logo on the shin.  There are two color choices on the foot and front of the sock with a third on the back of the calf. Cushioning in the heel and the toe along with arch and ankle compression provide protection from impact and stability for the foot, reducing fatigue. Moisture-wicking stretch nylon keeps the foot dry to reduce blisters and control odor. Socks Rock isn’t just about appearance, but also the best foot protection technology for your players.

Sock lengths run from ankle and quarter, to crew and knee-high, covering just about any sport you are outfitting. Start the Build Your Own Process today and complete your team uniform with Socks Rock!

Custom Knitted Socks Or Printed Socks, Which Is Right For You? September 30 2019, 0 Comments

Printed Socks vs Sublimated Socks

Choices, Choices, Choices!

Modern technology has made customizing socks easier and more fun than ever. The options are limitless, but with so many options can come a little decision paralysis. Which exact options are good for you? When choosing between custom knitted or custom printed socks both have their particular strengths.

Knitted Socks vs Printed Socks

What Are The Differences?

Computer-controlled precision needles and optical sensors are key to the manufacture of knitted socks. Not merely an emblem embroidered onto an existing sock, today’s socks can actually have your logo or text knitted into the very fabric making the sock! Your digitally submitted design will be customized to suit your sock choice, then the knitting machine does the rest, made right to order.

Sublimation printing involves having your submitted image composed on specialized paper that is used to print the image to the fabric of your sock. Like an old school iron-on, but far more sophisticated, a heat press at a temperature of 400 degrees transfer your image onto the sock, putting your image right on your footwear.

What Are You Looking For?

Are you outfitting your sports team or customizing socks for your friends, family, workplace, or business? Consider all the factors that contribute to the makeup and design of your sock. Knitted socks offer a classic look even as they accommodate your team logo, colors, and even text. A wide selection of sock lengths made this a better choice for the various requirements of different sports. The sock knit will also have less distortion of your image when your sock is worn. Your yarn options include antimicrobial and moisture control, something critical for intense activewear like baseball, football, or basketball. And Socksrock has many exclusive styles all ready to incorporate your text and logo.

Sublimation printed socks have a greater range for design, colors, logo, text, and are even capable of utilizing picture images. You get calf only or full sock prints in striking color with eye-popping detail!  Style may be limited to knee-high and crew, you do have compression sock or regular fit options. Printed socks have a sleeker feel on the foot, due to the reduction of fuzz and yarn.

So for intense activewear consider knitted. Your customization options are impressive and Socksrock will create a sock that helps take care of your foot. For dazzling design, a striking, detailed print to advertise your business or just get people talking, Socksrock printed socks will get you the attention you’re looking for.

Are Knee High Socks Cute With Short Shorts? September 26 2019, 0 Comments

Why Short Shorts and Tall Socks?

Women’s volleyball uniforms are known for their short shorts. It can be practical to wear knee high socks with those shorts, to protect the lower leg from dives and give the knee pads something to grip. Volleyball socks range in height from ankle to knee high. A good tall sock can stay up with all the leg work involved in playing the game. Play style is a major factor in a team choosing a sock type.

How Do They Look?

Oddly enough, knee high socks with short shorts can add length to the appearance of the leg. This will have the effect of making the player look taller overall. With some of the leg showing in the thighs, an athletic look is still maintained. All this combines for a good look. And good volleyball socks with knee pads will give the legs and feet the support and protection they need on the court.

Don’t Forget To Customize!

Off course one benefit of knee high socks is when you customize your socks you will have plenty of surface to work with. Volleyball is no different from any other sport when it comes to Socksrock providing custom socks. Knitted socks and even heat sublimated printed socks are available in all lengths ranging from ankle to knee high. Your team’s volleyball socks will stand out with a full printed image running from shoe to knee pad! Don’t forget your team logo, mascot, motto as well as name can all be knit into your team’s Socksrock order.

Everyone wants to look good when they hit the court, and Socksrock will help your team do that, all while combining the practicality of a pair of quality designed, well built socks for your players’ feet.

Baseball Socks- A Brief Timeline June 19 2017, 0 Comments

Have you ever wondered how teams got names like White Sox” and "Red Sox" if the socks aren’t even visible today? If you are a baseball fan you might have heard last year that the Major League Baseball has its own custom logo socks provider.  

Let’s have a look at the brief timeline of custom logo socks so that the next time you need to outfit your team with custom socks you will know how the socks have evolved over time: 

1840s and 1850s 

During this time the baseball teams used to wear long wool trousers that completely cover their socks.










The first knickers were introduced by the Cincinnati Club team that showed  the red socks of the players. It became so famous that the team changed their name to Cincinnati Red Stockings.



Late 1800s through early 1900s 

The knicker look became popular with the most successful teams. 

Circa 1910 

Colorfast dyes were not invented during this time and they had started resulting in infections and poisoning because of the wounds that the players had. The only solution at that point was to wear white under socks that were known as sanitary socks


1940s, 1950s and 1960s 

  During this time, players started pulling their stirrups higher that made the sanitary socks so visible that their ratio with colored socks was even.  





Late 1960s 

People started cutting the bottom of the stirrups and started sewing the fabric in. This caused an imbalance in the color-to-white ratio and caused the white to become more prominent.  

1970s and beyond 

Several custom logo socks were made during this era. Manufacturers responded to the demand and offered stirrups that had large openings that lead to the development of the ribbon stirrup, which was a solid color sock with contrasting strip of fabric down the side. The Ribbon Stirrups is still in high demand today.  


Coach Bill Wilhelm made all his players wear long pants that hid the socks. The style was known as "Clemson Cut" and was not noticed by fans or by many involved with baseball. 

1980s and 1990s


The socks changed from mostly colored to mostly white, so the players decided that moving their pants up was no longer needed. Trendsetters Ron Darling (Mets pitcher) and George Hendrick (Cardinals outfielder) were high profile players that implemented this style.



Long pants became the fashion as well as the rule except for the players that wanted to stand out and be unique. Knickers have made a tremendous comeback for the Major leagues all the way down to Little leagues you can see players embracing what is considered the true look of baseball.  


We have made it our mission to help outfit teams for the look they want to achieve. We offer the highest quality sock on the market that will last your team for years. Let us know how we can help your team. 

Want to get your own custom logo socks? Why not get in touch with the best custom sock shop by clicking here. 

Custom Socks Branding 101 - Creative Ways to Market Your Company and Create Brand Awareness June 03 2017, 0 Comments

Do you want to promote your company effectively? Do you want to create brand awareness? Most probably, you have tried several different techniques to create brand awareness and market your company, but have you tried using custom socks as a marketing technique?

If you have yet to try this effective marketing technique to create awareness for your company and brand, you need visit Socks Rock, a custom sock shop, to design custom socks. Here are some creative ways you can use custom socks to create brand awareness:

Does Your Company Have a Sports Team?

Companies that have a baseball team or companies that endorse local baseball and softball teams in their area can create brand awareness by designing socks. If they are using our custom sock shop to create custom sports socks for their own company sports team, they can add company colors and company logo to the socks.

If they are endorsing a local sports team, they can add the team’s colors and their own company logo to the socks. When they or the players of the local sports team play, their logo will be on full display, thus creating increased visibility for their company. If you are sponsoring an event, ask the organizers and the participants to wear your branded socks.

Does Your Company Deal with Several Corporate Clients?

Companies that sell their services to other businesses or make major deals with corporate businesses can further their relationship with them by giving them a custom socks corporate gift. Your clients may wear your socks out of courtesy at least once. If they are a high-profile client, you can expect to receive a lot of publicity and coverage.

Do You Want to Create Loyalty Amongst Employees?

You want your employees to be loyal to your company. One effective way to create loyalty amongst employees is to present with custom logo socks. You employees will be likely to show off their brand new custom logo socks they received from their company.

A good time to present them customized socks is during winter when the need to cover one’s feet are great. In fact, you can make gifting customized socks a tradition or come Christmas time, you can give them a custom sock with logo as a stocking, which they can hang up on the fireplace in their home.

Do You Want to Hand Out Gifts to Customers?

You can hand out gifts to customers. You can wrap a pair of beautiful and colorful socks to your customers. Your customers will like their high quality and branded socks and will be more likely to wear them when out and about.

When customers come to your store to buy something, you can put a pair of free branded socks with your company’s logo and colors in their bag. You can set up a promotional offer where you give out branded socks to each customer that walks into your store.

Even if a customer has no intention to buy anything from your store, they may still come in to get a free pair of branded socks. You can even combine socks with chocolates. You can put chocolates inside the socks.

Do You Want to Customize Your Own Socks?

If you are the owner of the company, you can customize your own socks. When you customize your own socks, you create brand awareness. You can wear the socks to events hosted by your company.

If you are invited to an event where you know several prospective clients will attend and cameras will be there, wear your branded socks to promote your company and create brand awareness. You can even get a pair of customized socks for your friends and family to wear. Your aim is to create brand awareness and customized socks is a wonderful way to catch people’s attention. When you are customizing socks, you have the option to choose from a variety of different cuts, styles, and sizes.