How to find a hat that suits you? November 13 2019, 0 Comments


Easier Than You Think

Finding the hat for you shouldn’t be a chore. A few basic rules of thumb and you should find the hat that suits you easily. Shape, size of your head play a part, as well as certain features. And ultimately the rules are guidelines because the hat you love is the hat you should wear.

Your Head, Your Face, Your Hat

Take into account of your head size. Large head people probably want to de-emphasize the size with slim to no brims, like a tight fit beanie or a low crown slim brim bucket hat or boonie. Face shape has a big impact. Although the style is really universal, baseball hats rock on a round face. When shopping custom baseball hats, keep that in mind. Though if you’re outfitting your team, the uploaded computer embroidered logo and color choice will matter for your little league team’s custom baseball hats more.

Heart shaped faces benefit from the beanie. Prominent nose or ears, wide brims like the straw safari or wide brim boonie (Hats Rock offers three brim size boonies) will do the trick. High forehead and round chin, the bucket hat can be a proper look. And these are all options for custom hats from Hatsrock.

When In Doubt, The Standard

As mentioned before, the baseball cap is a universal look, so if you’re outfitting a family or corporate group, custom baseball hats are the way to go. Your club members will all look good with the color matched, custom logo caps. And if you want to get a more personalized feel for your teammates, Hats Rock Three Size selection allows for custom fitted hats too.

But if you want to think beyond the traditional, remember Hats Rock is all about custom hats, baseball, beanie, boonie or otherwise.